5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Making Custom Company Shirts

Custom company shirts are the perfect tool to market your company, help your workers look professional, and boost your brand identity. But making mistakes on your company shirts wastes time, money and resources. Review this list of the 5 most common mistakes to avoid before you order to ensure you get the high-quality, professional result you really want.

Misspellings or Typos


Misspellings and typos on your company shirts will make the entire batch of shirts unusable and require you to start all over again.

Choosing a custom shirt provider that offers a mockup of your custom company shirt before production means you get to see exactly what the final design will look like beforehand. This helps to avoid small but significant mistakes like misspellings and typos.

Make sure you choose the right file type when you send your design to the custom embroidery or screen printing shop. Incorrect file types may become scrambled or unreadable, resulting in errors in your design. In house design capabilities mean your custom shirt providers can adjust and alter your design if needed. Our technological innovations allow you to see a realistic digital rendering of your shirt design before production, so you can check for mistakes before a single shirt is even made.

Doesn’t Fit Right


Custom company shirts will be worn by your employees every day. Ill-fitting shirts look unprofessional and are uncomfortable for your employees, reducing the professionalism and efficiency of your business.

Because the fit of the shirt is so important, ask your custom shirt provider to offer a sample for your employees to try. It can also be useful to inspect samples in a range of sizes, so each employee can find the best fit for them. Whether you choose plain t-shirts, polo shirts, business shirts, sweatshirts or jackets, when there’s a range of material and style choices to choose from, you have a greater chance of getting the fit right the first time.

Color Shade Doesn’t Match


You may need to match your new shirts to the company shirts you already have. Mismatching company shirts affect the professionalism and image of your business. If possible, choosing the same established custom shirt provider you used before can help ensure you can get your custom shirts made in the same material again.

Seeing a sample of your potential custom shirt is essential to establish color matching. You can compare the new and old shirts under different conditions (including after washing) to ensure your new shirts blend seamlessly into your current batch. Choosing a company that provides production on site means you get what you see, and there’s no surprises with the final product.

Style of Shirt Doesn’t Match The Setting

You wouldn’t wear a polo shirt to your board meeting, but you also wouldn’t wear a formal button up shirt on your first day at a new building project. In the same way, your custom company shirts need to match your business setting.

Look at the kind of clothing your employees wear now, and try to match this style for your custom company shirts order. Always order samples from the screen printing and embroidery shop so you employees can wear them for a day in the workplace. This helps you evaluate that the shirts both look right for your business, and your employees can effectively complete their tasks in the shirts. We provide tons of different shirt designs so you can always find a style to match your needs. We can also offer mock ups of your chosen shirt before full production to help you see and feel exactly what your final shirt will look like. Avoid common mistakes when purchasing custom apparel, use our online design tool to see what your clothing will look like before you purchase it.

Not Delivered in Time

Custom embroidery and screen printing require time to perfect. Failing to leave enough time to have your custom shirts made could mean you’re left empty handed when you need your shirts.

Because we do all of our work in house, our turn times are some of the best in the business. With digital design and a range of shirt options to choose from, you can settle on your design sooner, and have your shirts custom made and delivered when you need them.

Advanced digital design and pre-production mockups make it easy to avoid these common mistakes. Get the outstanding performance and high quality you want by working with a professional screen printing and embroidery provider for your next custom shirt order.

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