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Trade Show Tips & Tricks – The Secret to a Successful Show

Trade Shows are golden opportunities to get in front of potential customers. You want to capture their attention and bring more visitors to your booth. By making your booth more effective at your next trade show, you can get more visitors and make new connections, which leads to brand building and more opportunities. But hitting the magic formula to create a trade show booth that is effective can be tricky. Follow these 4 trade show tips and tricks to wow visitors at your next trade show and turn passersby into opportunities.

1) Get The Best Promotional Products
A trade show booth is defined by its promotional products. Your visitors might be bored with the same old promotional options, so offer something different. Choose useful products like reusable water bottles, cell phone smart wallets, USB flash drives, or figit spinners.

It also helps to develop creative ways to distribute promotional products too. Invite visitors to spin a company branded ‘Spin and Win’ wheel where they will be rewarded with a promotional prize. You can even offer a promotional grand prize at your booth that can be won by entering a raffle. By providing pertinent information that you would like, your visitors can have the chance to win a bigger promotional prize like an engraved wireless Bluetooth speaker, a branded GPS or even a gourmet food gift pack with your company logo.

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2) Design An Inviting Booth
Set up an attractive and inviting display for your information brochures and promotional products, so passersby want to get a closer look. Utilize banners, signs and presentation boards so that visitors can see who you are and what you do almost immediately. Step outside of your booth and look at it from the perspective that passersby would see. Make sure the location of your booth has electrical outlets. This can allow you to integrate audio-visual aids and presentations to draw visitors to your booth and help them understand your company.

3) Walk, Talk, Engage
Don’t spend the trade show cooped up behind your booth. Engage with those walking by. Don’t talk about your company and hand out promotional products right away. Take time to engage with them in a sincere and different manner. The biggest turn off to most people is to talk about your company too soon. Your goal with engaging them, is to try to get them to ask you a question about your booth. Offer them an opportunity to win something. This is a great opportunity to show visitors your promotional products and get them interested in your company. Invite people to sign up for your raffle or competition. An attractive promotional prize can really motivate participation and engagement. You can also spend some time walking around the trade show to connect with other booths and businesses to network and promote your company.

4) Promote Your Booth
The staff at your booth are an equally important part of your trade show presence. Have each member dress in custom embroidered or screen printed t-shirts advertising your company name. This means that no matter where your staff go throughout the trade show, they will be a walking billboard for your company. Post pictures, videos and content on social media of your booth and uniformed staff. This promotes your activities at the trade show and allows an online audience an insider view of to see your trade show booth.

Hosting an effective trade show booth can be a powerful tool for your business. Create a trade show booth, bring in more leads, and boost your success with these essential tips for an effective trade show booth.

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