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What Are The Most Popular Promotional Products for a Construction Company?

A common question we get asked is, “What are the most popular promotional products?” or \”Which are the best promotional products to get?\” In this blog, we will be covering the 3 Most effective promotional products you should get for your construction company, how to use them, and why.

There are many ways to market a construction company. You can put ad’s in magazines, get a website, pay for Google Adwords, etc. One of the best investments you can make is in promotional items with your company logo printed on it. But you need to put together a plan and a strategy to make sure that you not only get the right promotional products but also use and distribute them in a way that will bring your company success.


1)  Embroidered Or Printed Shirts For Your Whole Team
Your employees are your most valuable asset because of the work that they do, but they can also help contribute to the marketing efforts by becoming a walking billboard for your company. By wearing your custom printed shirts out in public, your company gets more exposure and visibility. Even your employees that are in the office should have company printed t-shirts. People will see them when they come to work, go out to eat lunch, and if they go out to do any errands after work, before returning home. Learn more about embroidery and screen printing.

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2)  Printed Pens & Notepads
Printed Pens and Printed Notepads are two of the most kept promotional items. They are very useful in everyday life. The mistake that we see all too often, is picking a cheap pen or notepad. This often leads to them either being thrown away or if they are kept and used, no one cares what the print says. If you pick a decent pen, or a pen or notepad with a neat feature to it, usually people will ask where you got that pen or notepad. This is the exact reaction that you want. This will also get your company in front of most people who use either one of these items.

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3) Printed Water Bottles
Most people these days are trying to be healthier, and the quick and easy change to make is to switch to drinking water or more of it. Also, 59% of water consumers carry a reusable water bottle. This is a great opportunity to not only give away a promotional product with your logo on it but to also have one that will be reused every day, all day. Just imagine how many pairs of eyes your company can get in front of with a custom printed reusable water bottle.

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With so many different types of custom printed Promotional Products for a Construction Company, how do you choose? There are many ways to come up with that answer, but one way we always recommend avoiding is by price. Remember, you get what you pay for. If you pick the cheapest promotional products, it usually will be less effective because most people will not see any value to it.

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