5 Best Promotional Products To Give Away At A Trade Show


A trade show is your company’s chance to shine. It’s where you can network with other businesses and inspire potential customers with your outstanding display and promotional products. But what trade show promotional products will really grab attention?

Promotional products not only promote your business at the trade show. Attendees will also take your products home with them, and your company name and logo will spread to homes and businesses. Make sure you have these 5 must have promotional products for your next trade show.

1) Water bottle

Good hydration keeps you healthy and reusable bottles save the environment, which is why water bottles are trending as a promotional product right now. Customers with a branded water bottle end up taking them everywhere, including the office, the gym, the boardroom and the beach. This means your company logo and name goes further.

2) Cell phone smart wallet

These silicon smart wallets that stick to the back of cell phones are incredibly popular right now. Featured in bright colors with your logo or company name on the back, these usually go like hotcakes at trade shows. Cell phone smart wallets are slim and perfect for storing drivers’ license, credit cards, business cards and cash conveniently with your cell phone. Wherever your customer’s go, someone will ask “where did you get that cell phone smart wallet?” at which point your company’s name will always get mentioned!

3) Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

A Bluetooth wireless speaker engraved with your company’s name or logo is a truly attention-grabbing trade show promotional product. You can offer a custom Bluetooth wireless speaker as a grand prize to visitors of your promotional booth. All that’s required to enter the draw is your potential customer’s name and email address. This helps you draw customers to your booth and expand your network, while your customers get the chance to win an amazing promotional product prize.
4) Fidget spinners – These addictive gadgets are all the rage with adults and kids alike. The fun factor with fidget spinners will bring crowds to your booth, taking your company name further. With each fidget spinner including your company logo, people will be talking about your brand for months after the trade show.

5) Tote bag

Visiting a trade show is great for collecting information, business cards and contacts that you will use for the future. However, all the promotional products and brochures can leave you with your arms full. That’s when your company offering the promotional tote bag becomes the most popular stall in the trade show. You can also pre-pack your branded tote bag with information, brochures, and other promotional products for your company. This means passersby not only get a useful bag but detailed information about your business as well.

There’s such a wide range of options when it comes to promotional products for a trade show. But to truly capture attention, engage your audience and build more leads, you need these 5 outstanding promotional products to make your trade show a success.


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