Should I Get Tech Shirts For My Foremen?


Many engineers say that a good foreman is the keystone of a project. As the leaders of your construction business, your foremen need to stay comfortable and alert to fulfill their daily tasks. Your foremen also need to look presentable as the face of your business and a liaison with clients. Yet so few construction businesses put thought into what foremen should wear to stay comfortable and active throughout the day. Here we look at tech shirts or performance shirts as an option to help your foremen perform at their best for every project.

  • Fit And Comfort Are Everything

In an active profession such as construction or landscaping, comfort and fit are everything. However, balancing comfort and looks is important for foremen who need to balance work with a client facing position.

Tech shirts have been proven to wick sweat away from the surface of the skin using hydrophilic fibers. This helps your foremen stay cool and dry, while also helping them to look fresh and professional even at the end of a long day.

When ordering custom tech shirts for your foremen, you want to be able to try the shirts first, and assess their comfort and fit. Because we offer samples and mockups of your design, your foremen get a chance to try the shirts on, to see how comfortable and high performance they really are.

  • From Construction Site To Client Meeting

Experts recommend that to look sharp on the construction site, start with comfortable clothing, then slim everything down for a more polished look. As tech and performance shirts are naturally slim fitting, they help your foremen achieve the sleek lines that add to an overall professional look. Made from fabric that is designed to move and stretch with your body, tech shirts perform as well on the work site as they do in the office.

  • Your Foreman Stands Out

Your foremen run the operations on your work site, so they need to stand out to your clients and other workers. With so many tech shirts options, there are endless possibilities for style, color, and design. You can choose tech t-shirts or tech polo shirts with a collar for that added professional look. Tech shirts are also available in a range of colors that will make your business stand out.

Want to customize your foremen’s tech shirts with your unique company name or logo? Quality embroidery for tech shirts allows you to add your logo, company name or unique design on the front or back of the shirt. For something different, we can even add fun designs in unique locations such as on the sleeves of the shirt or down the spine. Eye catching and creative designs are sure to get your business noticed and make your well-dressed foremen a walking advertisement for your business.

  • Customization Options

Many of the creative design capabilities of a custom tech shirt are only available from experienced embroidery shops that can customize your designs in house. Because we offer both design and printing on site, you can see a digital rendering of your tech shirt before it goes to print, as well as getting a sample for your foremen to try on before ordering.

Having these services available in one place saves you time and money getting the shirts you need. Our in-house team can design, print, source, re-label, fold, and distribute tech shirts in one place, reducing turn times and ensuring you always get the quality you want.

Unattractive, stuffy and uncomfortable workwear holding your foremen back? Come and see the incredible tech shirt options our in-house design staff can create to boost your business and increase worker’s comfort.

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