5 Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Place To Have Your Company Shirts Embroidered


Custom embroidery is one of the most attractive and professional ways to personalize your company shirts. But choosing the right place to have your company shirts embroidered is essential to ensuring a polished and eye-catching result. To promote your business while cladding your workers in the most stylish company shirts, choose an embroidery provider with these 5 important qualities.

1) Is everything done in-house, or do they need to send it out to get done?

A custom embroidery provider who does all of their work in-house has several advantages. First, because there is no back and forth between an external provider, the turn times are faster. Second, when the work is done in-house you can check the progress of your project and ensure its shaping up the way you want it to. If you need changes, you can always request to stop and redo the design. Third, a company that produces everything in-house can provide accurate samples and mock ups of your design to let you see exactly what the final product will look like. Finally, in-house production ensures consistent quality. If shirts are embroidered externally the quality may vary and shirts may not completely match or be consistent.

2) Do they have in-house designers?

In-house designers at a custom embroidery shop offesr 2 benefits. First, it reduces the turn times because it is more efficient. Also, it reduces the possibilities of miscommunication between the designers and embroiderers because they are all under one roof. The designer can take a look at the final product before all of the shirts are done to make sure that the design, look, and quality all match what they envisioned. The other benefit of an in-house designer is that your custom embroidery provider becomes a one-stop shop for everything you need for your custom shirt embroidery. With nothing but an idea, you can go to your custom embroidery company and have your shirts designed, embroidered, and delivered in a matter of days.

3) Quality of the thread used

With company shirt embroidery, different colored threads are used to create your custom design or logo. The quality and clarity of the logo ultimately depends on the skill of the technician and the quality of the thread. The higher the quality of thread that is used, the longer the embroidery will last without breaking, unraveling, or fading.

4) Response Times

If you\’re ordering custom embroidered company shirts, chances are you are managing or running a business. That means you need fast, efficient service. Your custom embroidery provider should be easy to contact and offer a rapid response to meet your needs. If you\’re in the process of production, being able to contact your custom embroidery shop quickly to make changes is critical. Look for a company that offers convenient hours with the form of communication that you prefer. Also, a company that has a chat feature on their website can get you answers faster typically.

5) Turn Times

Before you order your next set of embroidered shirts, take into account of when you need them. Typically, embroidery companies that ship out their orders take longer because they have to wait for shipping time to the embroiderer and back to their shop. This can add days to the production time. A typical embroidery company that does everything in-house can get the job done within 5-7 days from when your order is placed. In some instances even within 24 hours for rush orders.

Give your company a higher value and your workers a more professional look with custom embroidered company shirts. Call BYOG to find out more about creating your unique design and have your custom company shirts embroidered and in hands by next week.

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