What Do I Need To Know When Ordering ANSI Class Safety Gear?

Regardless of whether you have years of experience in your industry or you\’re relatively new to the job, you probably understand the importance of proper safety gear. But each work environment and the job require a different level of safety gear to be worn. The American National Standards Institute has developed a system of classes to rate the risk of different working environments. Here we look at the different ANSI classes in ANSI class safety gear and the relevant high visibility ANSI vests for every job.

Determining The ANSI Safety Vest Level For Your Job

Understanding the tasks and the risks involved in the work that your employees do can help to assign the appropriate level of ANSI standard workwear. ANSI provides guidelines to help businesses understand what level of safety rating is needed for your job. This is mostly defined by the speed of local traffic and the distance between the  moving vehicles the work site.

Choosing Features For Your Safety Vests

But there are other aspects of your project you may want to take into account when choosing the most appropriate safety vest. You may require fire resistant protection if there is a chance workers may be near open flames. Full body ANSI class visibility may be required for occupations that need a higher level of visibility for safety. Other features that may be helpful include: \"ansi

  • Breathable mesh vests can be good for hot and humid environments.
  • Waterproof zippers are perfect if your ANSI vest has any chance of getting wet in the course of the job.
  • If you need to keep pens cell phones notebooks or valuable tools on your body while you are on the work site, choose a vest with strategically placed pockets or interior pockets to keep your valuables protected.
  • ANSI vests with microphone clips are perfect for your foreman who needs to communicate via radio across a large work site.
  • Other clips, tabs, and special features are available on a range of ANSI class safety vests so you can find the right vest to meet your safety requirements and employee’s needs.

Jobs For Class 1 Safety Vests

\"ansiANSI class 1 represents the lowest risk level for jobs where traffic is traveling below 25 mph and work is taking place at a safe distance from moving vehicles. Jobs that utilize ANSI class 1 garments may include parking attendants, shopping cart retrievers, school crossing guards, and event security.

Jobs For Class 2 ANSI Safety Vest

\"airport ANSI class 2 in the ANSI class safety gear ratings represents the next level of risk in workplaces, where nearby vehicles may be traveling at or over 25 mph and the worker’s attention may not be on approaching traffic. Jobs that may require class 2 ANSI high visibility vests include surveyors, civil engineers, industrial workers, roadside landscapers, airport grounds crew, and railway workers.

Jobs For ANSI Class 3 Safety Vests

\"highway ANSI class 3 safety garments are for the highest level of risk where visibility may be extremely reduced, and traffic is passing on nearby roadways at high-speed. Examples of employees that may fit in this category, include emergency responders, highway construction workers, highway surveyors, firemen, tow truck drivers, and heavy equipment operators.

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In many cases, the specific location and unique nature of the tasks involved in the job will determine the level of ANSI class safety vest required. A thorough and expert assessment of the work environment is required before establishing what ANSI class of high visibility safety vest your workers require.

We can provide high-quality safety vests across all levels of ANSI class safety gear ratings with a variety of unique features and designs. You can also select any of our high visibility safety vests to be customized with high-quality screen printing to represent your company brand name or logo. Keep your workers safe and promote your business with our custom high visibility ANSI class safety vests for every job.

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