ANSI Gear Standards: Not All ANSI Gear Is Created Equal

ANSI safety gear is clothing that meets the American National Safety Institute\’s or ANSI gear standards for high visibility background material and retro reflective tape. This is specified according to the class of ANSI standard the garment is designed to fit. But not all ANSI garments are made the same. Choosing a higher quality garment ensures that it meets the ANSI standard, provides greater comfort and protection, and lasts longer for ongoing use. One area that can be deceiving when it comes to ANSI gear is reflective tape. Many businesses are not aware that there are quality differences between different varieties of reflective tape and this can affect the performance of your ANSI garment.

Here we look at the different factors affecting reflective tape quality and why it\’s an important feature to prioritize on your ANSI garments.

Reflective Tape Brightness


The brightness of reflective tapes can be measured in candlepower or \’candela\’. You can\’t simply choose any reflective tape to feature on ANSI gear. ANSI compliant retro reflective tape must provide a certain level of reflectivity and brightness, analyzed and tested by a laboratory. All ANSI materials need to be independently tested to verify safety performance. That\’s why choosing ANSI compliant garments from a reputable supplier is so important. The brighter the reflective tape, the more effective it will be at reflecting light in dim conditions, providing greater safety for your employees.

Reflective Tape Longevity

Reflective tape not only needs to be high quality, it needs to last as well. Reflective tape can disintegrate with wear and tear, and the longevity of reflective tape and the ANSI garment depends on how it\’s laundered and maintained. Choosing high-quality ANSI gear or reflective tape from a well-known safety gear company will help you save money in the long run.

Reflective Tape Quantity

ANSI compliant gear requires a certain amount of reflective tape to be attached to the garment in order to meet the standard. ANSI class 1 vests require a minimum of 115 sq in of reflective tape, ANSI class 2 gear requires 201 sq in of reflective tape, and ANSI class 3 must have 310 sq in of reflective striping. Only ANSI certified garments are guaranteed to have the required level of reflective tape for optimum safety, so make sure to buy ANSI garments from a reputable supplier. This can help you avoid mistakes on your order.

Combined Performance Materials

When you need greater performance and efficiency from your ANSI compliant gear, combined performance materials can be ideal. Combined performance materials fit the requirements for both reflective tape and the high visibility colored background material, so their surface area can fit under both categories for ANSI compliant gear.

Getting the best vests and gear that are up to ANSI gear standards for your business means choosing a high-quality supplier who uses ANSI certified materials and compliant designs. For high-quality ANSI gear that also features your unique company brand name or logo, talk to us today about finding the best customized ANSI gear for your business.

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