Top 5 Construction Company Safety Awards

One of the benchmarks that can indicate an exceptionally safe and well-run company is the award of national safety awards in recognition of occupational health and safety efforts. These construction company safety awards help to recognize companies that go above and beyond in their design and implementation of a safe and protected work environment for employees. This is especially critical in the construction industry where safety and quality of work is not only a priority for the worker, but for the client as well. Below we list 5 of the top awards that indicate an exceptionally safe construction company nationally.

  1. National Safety Council Awards


The National Safety Council offers a range of awards that apply to many different industries. These awards can be applied to recognize special efforts and achievements in the area of workplace safety for construction companies. While the National Safety Council awards don’t specifically apply only to the construction industry, they can help to recognize a diverse contribution to workplace health and safety. The National Safety Council offers 8 different outstanding workplace safety awards including the Rising Stars of Safety, Distinguished Service to Safety Award, Community Advancement Award, CEOs Who “Get It”, Marion Martin Award, Workplace and Safe Driver Award, the Robert W. Campbell Award, and the Green Cross for Safety Award.

  1. Associated Builders and Contractors National Safety Excellence Award

The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is a leading national construction industry trade association representing more than 21,000 members across the United States. The National Safety Excellence Award is a coveted award in the construction industry that recognizes construction companies who show an outstanding commitment to workplace safety. Companies who receive this award have safety programs that go above and beyond the average program. Receiving the award is based on meeting stringent conditions based on data submitted via STEP applications, essay questions, and video interviews with company Presidents/CEOs/Principals about company safety.

  1. Construction Users Roundtable Construction Industry Safety Excellence (CISE) Award

The CURT Construction Industry Safety Excellence (CISE) Award is another coveted award only given to construction companies meeting the highest standards of workplace health and safety. The CURT CSIE award recognizes the safety management and improvements of owners, constructors, and Local User Councils, particularly in implementing the CURT Owners Safety Blueprint (R-807).

  1. Associated General Contractors of America Construction Safety and Excellence Awards

Industry leader, Associated General Contractors of America, uses the Construction Safety and Excellence Awards (CSEA) to recognize construction companies that excel in safety implementation. The CSEA selection criteria is comprehensive, and closely examines a company’s commitment to safety and occupational health management, as well as risk control.

  1. EHS America’s Safest Companies Award

EHS Today is an award winning occupational health and safety magazine that launches its own safety award to recognize companies that integrate safety with production, quality, and sustainability. America’s Safest Company Awards go to the best and brightest companies who excel at implementing safety, health, environmental, and risk management efforts for the benefit of their workers and clients.

Adhering to safety standards, implementing safety protocols, and choosing the right safety work gear for your company can help you to reach higher levels of occupational health and safety. Talk to us today about developing the best custom work safety gear that meets ANSI standards to minimize risk and boost safety in your workplace. This will put you in a better place to win some of these construction company safety awards.

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