5 Most Successful PTA Fundraisers of 2016/2017

While bake sales and lemonade stands are the hallmarks of Parent Teacher Association or PTA fundraisers, perhaps your school needs to increase engagement with more innovative fundraising ideas. Research has shown that parents’ fundraising for schools can really give schools an edge. If you want to support your child’s learning environment, helping raise funds through the PTA is the ideal approach

  1. Mystery Grab Bags


In 2017, PTO Today interviewed a mom from New York who had single-handedly helped her school raise over $1 million. How did she do it? $2 and $5 grab bags for students and parents, filled with high-value gifts that were often branded with company logos and titles. Networking with parents who worked for big corporations, she received donations and sponsorships to fill her cost-effective grab bags with high-value items. The grab bags included full sets of makeup brushes, perfume samples, costume jewelry, magazines, discount coupons for local film developing, free health club vouchers, and lots more. Kid’s bags included watches, Teenie Beanies, pencils, key rings, rub-on tattoos, toothpaste samples, snack bars, customized baseball caps, and other goodies. The grab bags often sold out in record time, with profits reaching hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

The sponsoring companies received a benefit also, with their high-quality branded merchandise reaching thousands of homes across the area. It’s a great way to raise money for a school while also supporting the promotion of local businesses. View customizable promo products for grab bags. 

  1. Raffles


Raffles are highly successful PTA fundraisers, provided your main prize is tempting enough. You can choose from a range of promotional gifts for your smaller prizes, as well as a bigger ticket main prize, like a holiday, a fancy dinner voucher or custom engraved electronics. There are also a variety of fun ways to present your raffle. This can include a balloon raffle, with tickets inside balloons that need to be popped (you can even use balloons with your school’s name on them!). In addition, you could also try a 50/50 raffle or a straw draw.

  1. Silent Auction


Silent auctions have long been one of the main fundraising tools for schools, and they are still one of the most successful PTA fundraisers in 2016-2017. Schools holding large auctions for big ticket items have been known to raise up to $400,000 in just one night. But even if you choose smaller items and make an event of it, your PTA silent auction can really bolster the school’s funds.

  1. Online Fundraising Tools


Our lives are getting busier and increasingly lived online. Meet your donors where they are by allowing online access to your raffle tickets, fundraisers, and auctions. BidPal is a great tool for various online fundraising solutions, including virtual raffle tickets. You can also use a crowdfunding platform for nonprofits such as Kickstarter or Causes and spread the word on social media. We offer GO Stores, custom made online websites where you can sell custom merchandise and keep the profits.

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  1. Parent’s Party

All parents love some time off, and a special treat just for them is a popular PTA fundraiser. Host a dinner party or event at a local restaurant or venue who is willing to help sponsor you. Sell tickets to parents for the dinner, performance or night out as a chance to socialize. You can also use the event as a platform to promote your other fundraising activities, including selling raffle tickets or collecting additional donations.

By choosing some ideas from the most successful PTA fundraisers for 2016/2017, you can host a fundraiser that really meets your goal in the new school year.

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