6 Stylish Custom Sorority Shirt Ideas

Joining a sorority is an exciting time as you become part of a sisterhood for life. Sororities are more than just social clubs, they are a team and a family who support you through your time in college and beyond. What better way to show your solidarity with your sisterhood and representing your Greek letters than having them feature on stylish, matching sorority t-shirts. Custom t-shirts are an essential component of every sorority girls’ wardrobe, perfect for pledge week, philanthropic events, and around campus. Here are the trendiest custom sorority shirt ideas to help you and your sisters shine.

Incorporating Popular Characters


Some of the fashionable sorority t-shirts in the last few years have featured characters and themes from popular movies, tv shows or music, incorporating these into the t-shirt design or imagery. Sorority shirts featuring plays on the Superman logo, Disney characters and other popular logos making your sorority shirts eye-catching and fun.

Floral Designs and Patterns


One of the most popular designs and patterns that look great on sorority t-shirts are floral designs. Floral designs can be screen printed or embroidered along with your Greek letters, or your Greek letters could be made up of floral material cut outs for a stunning effect. To really grab attention, create a sorority shirt in a floral material with white or light-colored screen-printed lettering to contrast.

Little Sis/Big Sis


The mentoring program within many sororities designates a big sister for every little sister to help guide them through college life. Some sororities feature ‘big sis’ or ‘little sis’ screen printed on sorority shirts to help highlight the different members of your sorority. ‘Little sis’/big sis’ lettering can be featured on the back of the t-shirt, and Greek letters on the front (or vice versa) for a cute addition to your sorority shirts.

Featured Icons


Some of the most beautiful and eye-catching sorority t-shirt designs are the simplest. By choosing a plain shirt with a featured icon such as a star, heart, anchor, arrow, feather or flower you can add stylish typography for a classically beautiful design.



The best sorority shirt ideas and designs don\’t just stop at the patterns and printing. Choosing different shirt designs such as tank tops, cap sleeves, boyfriend style or even collared shirts and polo shirts, adds a different type of variety to your sorority shirts.

Creative Typography


One of the biggest trends in the fashion world is creative typography and beautiful fonts, so why not include this trend for your custom sorority shirt ideas? Creative typography can help you feature your Greek letters, ‘big sis/little sis’ title or your catchphrase in a decorative and creative way.

With the right design options, your choices for the stylish sorority t-shirts are endless! Talk to a professional custom apparel and screen printing company to further explore your options for the trendiest sorority shirt designs.

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