7 Fraternity Recruitment Ideas

When it comes to rush time you want to recruit tdhe best new members to join. Making sure your Fraternity stands out is the key to ensuring the best guys on campus want to pledge. Here are a few Fraternity Recruitment Ideas to help:

Stand Out with An Awesome Customized Fraternity Rush Shirts

\"Fraternity Fraternity rush t-shirts help get your fraternity name out on campus. The more guys know about your fraternity, the more potential recruits you can engage with. You can design your t-shirts and have a custom screen printing company produce your excellent designs. Having all your members walk around campus, attending class and social events in your fraternity t-shirts is the ideal way to promote your fraternity. Design custom shirts online using our online design studio and customizable design templates.

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Hand Out Fraternity Customized Promotional Items

\"fraternity Handing out free customized products and gear featuring your fraternity name helps to make it a familiar name on campus and engages more potential recruits with your fraternity. From as simple as customized stickers and bags to custom printed drink bottles or smart phone accessories, branded giveaways ensure freshmen know who you are and help to get your fraternity name out there.

Get Your Fraternity Online

Having a website and up to date, social media including Facebook and Twitter with great management provides excellent PR for your fraternity and a way for potential recruits to engage with your fraternity and learn more. An out of date, poorly written, or disorganized website or social media page only serves to detract from your fraternity – and your potential candidates will be checking. Get your online presence up to date well before the rush.

Get New Members to Bring New Members

Most likely you\’ll have a few new members sign up early who will then be able to help you find more recruits. Offer an incentive like discounts on dues if they can get another recruit to pledge with them. This helps you get more guys on the ground spreading your fraternity\’s name, as well as more recruits.

Host Engaging, Enjoyable Rush Events

Social events like parties and sorority mixers give potential recipients the experience of Greek life that will get them into your fraternity.

Invite Potential Recruits to Hang Out

It\’s not just at big parties where you will engage with and recruit potential members. You can get some of the best engagement from just inviting potential recruits to your house to just hang out. The cafeteria is also a great, low-key place to meet and talk to freshmen to get them interested in your fraternity.

Get Referrals

Whether it\’s referrals from new recruits, friends, friends of friends or family members, word of mouth is still one of the best ways to get new members. Ask for referrals from Alumni and current members and ensure everyone invites at least one new potential recruit.

Don’t get left behind – meet and exceed your targets with these 7 excellent Fraternity Recruitment Ideas.

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