Top 5 Spirit Week Ideas

Spirit week is the best opportunity to show your pride for your school and promote school spirit. With fun activities related to school sports teams, school spirit contests, exciting dress ups, and school wide games, spirit week is an event many students look forward to all year. But it can be a challenge to come up with new, interesting and exciting ideas for spirit week year after year. Here we look at the top 5 ideas for spirit week that you might want to include in your school’s plans.

  1. Themed Dress Up Days \"spirit

It’s not spirit week without themed dress up days for the whole school to get involved. Some of the most popular themes include wacky and tacky, celebrity, decades (the 60s, 70s, 80s) and twin day. Add interest to dress up days with something different such as College Day, where students dress up in their favorite college gear to represent their favorite team and to raise awareness of higher education. Another great dress up idea is a charity themed day where students choose a charity to advocate and dress up in honor of. Students can then donate, or collect donations for their charity. We also offer fundraiser online stores where students and staff can sell custom apparel online and keep the profit to donate to the charity of their choosing!

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  1. Games and Competitions 

\"spiritSpirit week usually involves a range of games and contests, that may be played between classes or other teams. Classes can be awarded for participation in the dress up days, charity work, or even cheering at the pep rally. Field days can offer a way to play fun, active games, and student-teacher games add another level of competition. Boost school spirit even more by making competition and game prize promotional products branded with your school name or logo. Products could include school branded drink bottles, caps, smart phone slings and cases or bags.

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  1. School Decoration

Fun, colorful and eye-catching school decorations are an essential part of spirit week. Classes can help to decorate classroom doors or create banners representing their class spirit. Students and teachers can also decorate other areas of the school to represent certain themes or the school sports teams.

  1. Use The Opportunity to Raise Money For Your School

Spirit week is also the ideal opportunity to raise extra funds for your school to support school resources and education. Some fund-raising options include a lemonade stand, bake sale or candy sale. But if you’re looking for a more creative option, why not fundraise with school branded promotional products and spirit gear? Socks in your school colors, school branded caps and bags, smart phone wallets and slings with your school name, drink bottles, or custom t-shirts with your school name or logo can be the perfect way to raise funds for your school and spread your school name.

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  1. End the Week With A Pep Rally

A pep rally is an ideal way to end spirit week, with photos of the best dress ups, prizes for the competition winners, and performances from drama club, choir or teenagers, or introductions of school sports teams or star athletes.

School spirit week is a great opportunity to boost school pride and spirit, raise school funds and just have fun. Incorporate these top 5 ideas to ensure you host a fun and engaging spirit week.

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