5 Highly Effective Fundraisers for High School Athletic Boosters


As budgets get smaller and aspirations get bigger, high school sports need more funding. Athletes work hard to represent their school, and you can support their success through boosters to raise funds. Consider these 5 very effective high school athletic boosters:

  1. Spirit Wear Sale

Everyone likes to show off their school spirit. Making a spirit wear sale a great way to make money. You can make this a fun event or hold it during homecoming. You can work with a company to design and print promotional items with your school name and mascot.

Great items to sell include lanyards, t-shirts, hats, and tote bags. Lanyards are a great option if your school requires students to wear or frequently show their ID’s. No one can ever have enough t-shirts. You can sell these items to students and even proud parents/grandparents.

  1. Calendar Sale

Every year people need a new calendar. So, this makes a calendar sale a very lucrative way to fundraise money for your high school athletics department. You can work with a company to create a customized calendar with unique school photos and your school logo.

You can ask friends and family to buy calendars, or run a drive to sell them. Once buyers know they are supporting your school, they will likely be eager to help, especially since a calendar is such a useful resource to have in homes and offices.

  1. Basket Auction

A basket auction is a great way to raise funds. A basket auction is where you ask for donations of great items, compile them into fun groups, place them in baskets, and ask people to bid on the baskets (usually in a silent auction format).

To get items, you can ask businesses for donations, such as gift cards or promotional items. You can also ask people (such as family and friends) to make contributions. Sometimes people have great, unused items around their homes to donate.

Great packages could be for a date night, stress reduction kit, or you could put together a school spirit package. Hold an event where people can mingle and bid. By the end of the night, you will have raised lots of money, while people go home with great prizes and fun memories.

  1. School Carnival

Another effective fundraiser is a school carnival. A carnival may require some initial investment to rent materials or venues, or put together activities. You may find that many businesses are willing to help by donating time and materials. You can also ask students, friends, and family to donate their time on the night of the carnival.

Advertise the carnival for the whole community as both adults and children alike will all enjoy the festivities. You can charge for the games and activities (such as face painting). One of the best things about this fundraiser is that it can become an annual event.

  1. Pancake Breakfast

This is another classic booster that can also become an annual tradition. Pancakes are cheap and easy to make. You may even be able to get the materials donated. Then, hold a fun event on a Saturday with pancake sales. You can draw the whole community and make a good profit.

These 5 booster ideas can help you raise funds for your school’s athletic department. Each booster can also be a chance for parents and students to have fun and build a school community. If your booster calls for customized promotional items, consult with a company that can help you design the best quality, unique products and give you a great deal.

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