Top Breathable Volleyball Uniforms

Volleyball uniforms should be comfortable, fitted and streamlined, to promote fast and active play, but most importantly they should be fresh and breathable. It’s often hard to balance the requirements that volleyball uniforms be both fitted and breathable, and yet innovations in fabric and designs help to achieve this integrated goal. With the game fast paced and often played outdoors in warm environments, finding the best breathable volleyball uniforms is essential.

Under Armour


With their innovation in high performance, breathable, technical fabrics, Under Armour leads the way in outstanding volleyball uniforms. Under Armour have spent years researching and innovating for even the smallest improvement to breathable materials to give your volleyball team the edge in competition. Crop tops and shorts/briefs for women offer comfort and a full range of motion, as well as promoting optimum air flow.

For more significant coverage, Under Armour offers long or short sleeve jerseys with unique UA Heatgear technology, that wicks moisture away while keeping athletes cool and dry. By minimizing overheating, the Under Armour technical gear delays fatigue and keeps athletes performing at their peak for longer. The breathable Under Armour material is also odor-free, lightweight and stretch to offer full comfort and range of motion on the court. Because of their unique technology, Under Armour provides one of the most effective and high-performance volleyball uniforms.

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\"ImageMany volleyball uniforms are also created by Nike, who offers superior fabric technology focused on breathability as well. These uniforms provide made to order customization to make your uniform eye-catching and unique. When it comes to breathability, the Nike volleyball uniforms offer lightweight stretch material, combined with mesh panels at the underarms and back for increased breathability. The neckline is also in an innovative v-shape for extra comfort during the game. Once again, the volleyball jerseys are available in both long and short sleeve designs for versatility.


\"Image Adidas is another brand that has made a name for themselves in designing high-performance, breathable volleyball jerseys. The climalite® technology is responsible for the breathability and comfort in Adidas volleyball uniforms. This fabric is uniquely designed for warm climate activities and features a breathable cotton on the outside, and a cool to touch synthetic fiber on the inside. It’s not a revolutionary design, but it is precisely made to wick moisture away and keep you dry. The loose fit and light material adds some breathability to these uniforms too.


Russell has an excellent reputation for creating quality volleyball uniforms. While their technology may not be as advanced as other brands, they provide consistent quality and a vast range of colors. The material in these uniforms is designed to wick moisture to keep you cool and dry, and the fabric has UPF 30+ protection to shield you from harmful UV rays. The Russell uniforms are slightly less breathable being of a somewhat more substantial material and construction but could be ideal for practice in colder environments.

Choosing the best breathable uniform for your volleyball team is pivotal for optimal comfort and performance. Contact us to learn more about how you can design unique volleyball uniforms for your team to excel on the court.

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