Top 10 High School Fundraising Ideas


High School Fundraising is vital to provide essential funds that go towards sports teams, clubs, events, class trips, building repairs and expansions. The problem is, how do you find a fundraiser that appeals to the community and that people want to get involved in. Some of the best high school fundraisers are old fashioned tried and true options, while more innovative ideas might help you reach donors you\’ve never reached before. Here we look at the top high school fundraising ideas.

  1. Crowdfunding

\"HighWith more of us needing an online solution to every problem, crowdfunding is the answer when it comes to fundraising. Crowdfunding offers a website for the basis of your fundraising efforts, where supporters can quickly click the link online and make a donation. Getting more donations is about making the process simple, and crowdfunding websites help you do that

  1. School Fair

A school fair is perfect for high school students who love a day out, and have the skills to help organize a full day of fundraising. Your school fete can raise money through a car wash, activities, food and drink sales, promotional gear sales and raffle tickets on the day.

  1. Spirit Gear

\"highNothing says school spirit than uniquely branded high school promotional products. Get promotional spirit gear custom made, including favorite items like hats, socks, scarves, drink bottles, lanyards, smartphone wallets and cases and flip-flops. You can then seek your gear at school events and game days to boost spirit and make a profit!

  1. Grab Bags

Grab bags were the fundraiser of choice for an NY mom who raised over $1 million for her schools PTA. Fill grab bags with a selected of donated products from local businesses or your school promotional products like pencils, pens, or candies. You can sell these lucky grab bags for $2 or $5 a pop, and they go like hotcakes!

  1. Talent Show/Concert

Why not show off your high school students talents as well as raising funds? A talent show or art show gives kids a chance to perform, and a small charge for admission can help you increase significant funds.


  1. Raffle

A raffle is a classic fundraiser with a proven track record. Have a great grand prize that draws people in, like engraved promotional electronics like an iPad or a vacation that\’s been donated. This will help you sell more tickets and raise more funds.

  1. Buy A Brick

Buy a Brick fundraisers are great for raising money for new constructions and expansions. Students ad parents get to leave their mark as memory at school with an engraved and dedicated brick, and schools access the funds they need to improve the school.

  1. Silent Auction

\"high A silent auction is a great way to raise money and can be done at a school fair or event, or online. Source great items and prizes for your silent auction from donations.

  1. School T-Shirts

A customized screen-printed school t-shirt is one of the most versatile and loved fundraisers. Available in a range of different sizes and colors, everyone at school can purchase a school t-shirt to show school spirit. We offer a fundraiser GO Store where you can sell custom decorated items and keep the profit! Find out more at

  1. Promotional School Gear

All kids need lunch boxes, pencil cases, bags, and stationery, so why not sell them at school? With customized promotional products you can get all these items and more branded with your school name or logo for an exciting fundraiser.

With these great high school fundraising ideas, you\’ll never be short or inspiration when it comes to hosting the perfect high school fundraiser.

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