7 Ways to Get Parents to Volunteer for High School Programs


A strong volunteer base is the lifeblood of all successful school programs. Parents are the ideal volunteers for your high school programs and sports because they are already interested and invested due to their children’s participation. How can you reach out to parents to get them involved in volunteering for your high school? Learn the 7 ways to connect with parents and get them to volunteer for high school programs.

Offer Incentives

Volunteers are great because they provide a way for your high school to get essential work done, without the financial drain of paying full-time employees. Although, that doesn’t mean you should take your volunteers for granted! Show your appreciation by offering incentives for volunteer sign up and rewards after a period of service. This could be useful custom products like drink bottles, smartphone wallets, diaries, or pens that have your school name or PTA group name on them. These fun gifts help parents feel good about volunteering, and that their time and commitment has been recognized.

Market Your Opportunities

Just like with any job, you need to advertise and market your volunteer opportunities. Release flyers to kids that they can take home to their parents. Put up posters around school and the areas where parents come to pick up children. Many great poster designs help to illustrate the benefits of volunteering and answer some of the questions parents have about it. Be sure to have a volunteer presence at every school event/program and sport meet so other parents can see what you do, talk to you and get involved.

Show the Evidence of the Benefits

Did volunteers help to raise a certain amount of money, improve the facilities of the high school or bolster sporting success in the last year or two? This is all evidence of the positive impact volunteering makes on school programs. Be sure to market these benefits with the help of posters, brochures, and speeches at special events, so that parents can see volunteering is worthwhile for the time investment.

Bolster Team Spirit

Your high school sports teams are not the only ones who need spirit! It’s important to build team spirit in your volunteer and PTA groups too. Have custom screen printed or embroidered t-shirts made for your volunteers to wear to help them feel a part of the group and allow them to stand out from the crowd at events. Embroidered custom caps are another ideal tool to help your volunteers stand out and build team spirit while keeping them protected from the sun at hot outdoor activities.

Provide Flexibility

One of the most significant reservations parents have about volunteering is the time commitment, and juggling other responsibilities like work or other children. Show your volunteers that you can be flexible, respecting other time commitments and allowing volunteering from home if possible. Explain the requirements of volunteering clearly (i.e., “It’s 2 hours, once a week”) and stick to these boundaries. If parents need care for other, younger children, get a few volunteers to run a creche at volunteering sessions or events so other parents can be free to do the work they need.

Acknowledge Parent’s Skills

Everyone loves to be recognized for what they’re good at, and this counts for volunteers as well! Ask your volunteers what they’d be interested in doing and honor their preferences and skills where possible.

Get Their Kids Involved

Let the ones that know them best convince them to help out.

Getting the right volunteers for your high school programs can be simple if you know how to approach it effectively. Use these 7 ways to connect with more volunteers and get parents to volunteer to get more sign-ups to help you build a better high school.

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