5 Ways High School Coaches Impact Student-Athletes

High school athletics coaches may seem like they just run practices and direct play from the sidelines. However, for many student-athletes, their high school coaches impact can be a significant one. Here are 5 ways that high school coaches can help student-athletes be successful on and off the field.

  1. Develop team spirit


Many sports rely on not just individual success, but on a team working together. To work together, teams need unity and spirit. A good coach can bring a group of athletes together, help them put aside any pre-existing issues or conflict, and get them focused on working as a team.

High school coaches often build team-spirit by creating shared experiences. They encourage working together for fun and success, over competition between players. They talk to their team to resolve any problems that may occur. Talking not only helps the team, but assists each player to learn lessons and develop skills they can take into their future careers and lives.

  1. Role modeling


Most coaches have their own experience in the sport they coach. This helps them to draw from first-hand experiences and serve as a role model for their athletes. This can extend past just modeling how to play the sport; it can also be modeling of other qualities and characteristics (such as work ethic).

Coaches also facilitate athlete performance by advising them on the right gear, clothing, nutrition, and training program. Coaches may choose custom designed and branded sports gear for their school team according to the performance required of the athletes.

  1. Provide feedback

When athletes train and perform on the field, it can be hard for them to step outside their performance to evaluate how they are doing. Coaches have an objective view from the sidelines, along with years of experience to better assess any athlete’s performance. This allows them to provide feedback for improvement. Coaches can also provide positive feedback and the recognition that athletes need, to feel successful. They can even offer rewards and markers to indicate success, such as trophies, medals, certificates, or team customized promotion products like drink bottles and custom embroidery hats.

  1. Increase self-esteem


High school sports can bring so many positives. However, they can also be challenging at times. Young athletes can be hard on themselves when they miss a win. That can lead to low self-esteem and excess pressure to perform better.

Great high school coaches do more than just motivate athletes towards success on the field. They also help with the individual\’s mindset, including their self-esteem. They help young athletes see their strengths and stand up again in the face of defeat. This can provide life-long benefits for an athlete.

  1. Management and Communication


One of a coach’s primary functions is to keep the team organized. They make sure everyone is where they need to be for practice and games. They also serve a leadership function by managing communication. Sometimes this is communication with a referee or governing body to resolve some issue. Sometimes it even includes communication with overinvolved or under-involved parents. In this way, the coach helps by running interference for the student-athlete—holding conversations that help to support their play.

Creating a strong high school athletics team requires a great coach and great team spirit. Each High School Coaches Impact is an important one. If you need customized school branded sportswear for your high school athletes, talk to us today about a custom solution that fits your team!

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