Top 8 Most Popular Coach Uniforms


If you are an athletic coach, you have a significant role to play for your team as you guide your players towards victory. Although you may spend your time coaching from the sidelines, you certainly want to stand out from the crowd. Try these 8 popular coach uniforms options, to help distinguish yourself from all the other spectators:

  1. Logo Polo or Sweater

As a coach, you may want something more professional than a t-shirt, but more relaxed than a suit and tie. A polo or sweater (or combination of the two) are great options. You can select from dozens of colors and styles. Have yours custom-made with an embroidered or printed school logo to show team spirit.

  1. Custom Performance Pants

As a coach, you want to be able to move quickly and comfortably while still maintaining a professional look. Performance fabric shorts or sweatpants are ideal as the material looks attractive while being breathable and comfortable throughout the day. With custom screen transfer printing, you can get your team name printed down one leg for an eye-catching effect.

  1. Jacket or Hoodie

Depending on the weather and your venue, you may need to wear layers to keep yourself at the right temperature throughout the duration of a game. A custom screen printed transfer hoodie, or logo jacket is excellent options. A fleece jacket can look professional while also being warm and comfortable for outdoor play.

  1. Baseball Cap

For outdoor sports, a custom-designed baseball hat is an excellent option for sun protection and to help designate your status as team coach. If your players also wear similar caps, then it will help to build a sense of team unity when you match their attire.

  1. Stylish Sunglasses

As you think about sun protection, do not forget the importance of protecting your eyes. If you coach outdoors, having a pair of sunglasses handy can also ensure you have excellent visibility of your team’s plays. You can quickly order customized sunglasses with your team name, as another way to show team spirit.

  1. Supportive Shoes

Coaches spend a lot of time on their feet. You might be pacing on the sidelines or running up and down the field as you track each play. Take care of your feet, legs, and back with supportive and stylish shoes. Don’t forget to pair them with socks in your team colors of course!

  1. Custom Designed Tie

Need a more professional look for team events or fundraisers? Want to make your suit and tie for formal functions as a coach uniforms ‘pop’? A custom tie with your team name and logo is the ideal accessory to help you maintain team spirit, even off the field!

When you are looking to create or update your coach uniforms, you may find you want to include customized clothing and accessories. Find a company that can take your team logo and colors and incorporates them into high-quality, performance sports gear for outstanding looks and unbeatable results.

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