Why Now Is the Best Time To Order Your Promotional Products

Promotional products are essential for businesses looking for a cost-effective, appealing and fun way to promote their business. If you\’re thinking of using custom branded promotional products for your business marketing in the next year, now is the ideal time to order your promotional products. Edit: This article was written in November.


You\’re Ready To Start The New Year

Ordering your promotional products now means you\’re ready to leap into business and marketing as soon as the new year starts. As the old saying goes \”the early bird gets the worm,\” and being fully prepared at the start line of 2018 gives you the energy to kick off the new year with success. Do you have meetings and promotional events in the first weeks of January? By ordering customized promotional products now, you won\’t have to scramble to get ready after the holiday season; you\’ll be prepared to face the new year head on.

You Can Immediately Take Advantage of Tax Deductions

With the tax year soon ending, now is the ideal time to invest back into your business and reduce your tax burden with business deductions. Promotional products are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools, and their flexibility allows for their use across the entire year. The cost of promotional products you order for your business purposes can be a tax deduction. Ordering your promotional products now helps you get a higher return on investment and take advantage of the tax deduction immediately, rather than having to wait another 12 months to benefit.

You Stay Ahead of Competition

Ordering promotional products ahead of the new year puts you ahead of your competition, as you\’re already prepared and ready to go for what the new year will bring. With more businesses becoming competitive by using promotional products, the promotional products your company chooses need to stand out. By being the first off the mark, your clients are more likely to remember and make use of your promotional products in 2018.

Your Marketing Efforts Gather Momentum

Ordering your customized promotional products ahead of time to be ready for the new year means your marketing efforts gain or maintain momentum thanks to your preparation. Managing your business means sustaining your marketing efforts all year round and always being ready for more. Staying on top of marketing, even over the new year, ensures you have plenty of leads and work throughout the new year.

You\’re Ready To Impress New Clients

The beginning of the year is when many companies seek new business and new clients. By ordering your promotional products now, you\’ll be ready to greet and impress new clients, ensuring that they choose to do business with you.

If you\’re thinking of using promotional products for your marketing efforts in the upcoming year, it\’s best to order your promotional products as soon as possible to be ready to launch your marketing campaign. Talk to BYOG today about choosing the best products to promote your business and having them custom branded to promote your business name and services.


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