5 Ways To Keep Your Employees Safe With Daylight Savings Coming

From the 5th November 2017, clocks are set to \’fall back\’ an hour, and the days will get shorter and darker. But what does this mean for workers who rely on daylight for work and safety? With lower light levels, employees are subject to greater risk of accidents and serious injuries, which can create financial and practical liabilities for your business. While daylight hours are diminishing, choosing the proper equipment and protective gear for your workplace can help ensure your employees’ safety during the winter months. Here we look at 5 ways to keep your employees safe with daylight savings coming.

  1. Invest In High Quality ANSI Gear

Low light levels are one of the most unsafe conditions on a worksite. Low light can mean that your employees may not be seen, and are struck by passing vehicles or machinery. High quality ANSI compliant vests prevent this by providing a garment that includes high visibility material and reflective tape. When daylight savings ends, all your employees should be equipped with high visibility ANSI vests. It may be necessary to also upgrade your current ANSI vests for higher quality or higher level vests as well (such as going from Level 2 ANSI to Level 3 ANSI). A custom ANSI gear provider can help you get the right solution for you.

  1. Keep Lighting Bright

Low light levels mean that not only do others find it difficult to see your employees, but your employees will also find it difficult to identify risks around them. Early morning and afternoons can be too dim to allow proper vision, even when the sun is out. Equip employees with torches, headlamps, and flood lighting to help identify danger and hazards while on the job. You can even have these custom branded to ensure you know they belong to your company and to reinforce brand identity while on the job.

  1. Hold A Safety Reminder Session

As the seasons and lighting changes suddenly with daylight savings, employees might not even recognize the difference in light levels and the potential danger. Hold a Safety Reminder session to remind employees of safety and risk reduction procedures, such as how to use ANSI compliant gear and safety equipment effectively.

  1. Protect From Head To Toe

Accidents can often happen when small details are missed. Low light levels can mean accuracy decreases and injuries are more likely, so it pays to be stringent with safety. Ensure employees protect their whole body, including hard hat, ANSI vest, durable work pants and sturdy boots. Eye protection may also be a necessity, to provide clear, custom eyeglasses to help protect employees vision.

  1. Stay Warm

As the sun spends less time in the sky, the temperature drops too. Staying warm is critical for workers who may be exposed to the outside elements or work in early morning or late afternoon when it\’s cooler. Fortunately, ANSI compliant vests are available in long-sleeved versions to keep employees warm during colder weather. You can also use ANSI vests over long sleeved and thick clothing, provided you choose slightly larger sizing to accommodate the clothing bulk.

With the right equipment, clothing, and preparation, you can keep your employees safe with the ending of daylight savings. Talk to your custom ANSI compliant protective gear provider about unique and individualized solutions for your business.

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