5 Cool T-Shirt Design Ideas for Custom Printing

Custom T-shirt printing is one of the most cost-effective and exciting ways to market your company or promote your brand. Custom T-shirt screen printing can be used in a massive range of applications including marketing, brand promotion, new product release, school spirit gear, business networking, conference, and trade shows and more. Custom screen-printed t-shirts also offer a wide variety of design options to suit your precise needs. Here we look at five stylish t-shirt design ideas that will make your custom t-shirt stand out, to get you and your brand noticed.

  1. Printed Sleeves


Basic t-shirt screen printing usually features designs printed on the front panel or back panel of the t-shirt. But printed sleeves offer more canvas for your screen printed designs, and provide eye-catching placement for your screen-printed logo or brand name. Screen printing on t-shirt sleeves can be horizontal, such as above the hem of a short-sleeved t-shirt or even vertical running down the sleeves of a long-sleeved t-shirt.

  1. Down the Spine

Printing down the spine of a custom t-shirt is one of the coolest new screen-printing designs. Printing down the spine is so unique and unusual, this design is sure to attract attention to your brand or company name, or message. Printing down the spine may be artistic, featuring an image or pattern, or it can be words or letters.

  1. Vertical Printing


When it comes to printing words on a t-shirt, we\’re accustomed to seeing words printed in a text block running horizontally from left to right. But you can do so much more with custom screen-printed t-shirts, allowing for vertical printing that can run down the front of a t-shirt, down the sides, along the spine, or down either sleeve.

  1. Screen Printing Inside T-Shirt


One of the most surprising and interesting new custom screen-printed t-shirt designs features images printed inside the t-shirt. This can allow custom screen-printed t-shirts to be reversible, doubling the utility and versatility of your custom t-shirt investment. Another cool design allows a face to be printed inside the t-shirt that turns into a \’mask\’ when the bottom of the t-shirt is pulled up over the head. This type of t-shirt design ideas has been popularly designed with the faces of sports stars, so kids can masquerade as their favorite sports stars when doing their victory laps.

  1. Wraparound Print


Screen printing can not only be done on the front and back surfaces of the t-shirt, but t-shirts can be custom printed on the side as well. This can allow for wraparound prints, which are patterned in a continuous design from the back to the front of the t-shirt. This allows for a more extensive design to be screen-printed and also provides a more eye-catching effect.


With so many exciting designs for custom screen-printed t-shirts, you can find unique and creative option to make your brand or message stand out! Talk to BYOG today about designing, creating and printing your own unique custom screen-printed t-shirts.

If you\’re having trouble getting the design exactly how you want it, feel free to start your design and leave comments in the special instruction box upon checkout and our artists will happily get your art how it needs to be.

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