Must Have North Face Apparel for Your Company Winter Retreat

Did you know that symbols of solidarity can increase team cohesion?  This is one of the reasons why sports teams wear matching uniforms. When a group of people all dress the same, they start to feel like they are on the same team. They will feel more inclined to work with and cooperate with the other people on their team. With this in mind, if you are organizing a company winter retreat, you may want to consider purchasing some matching North Face apparel for your company to increase everyone’s sense of team identity. Consider these must-have apparel options from North Face for quality and comfort.

Tech ¼-Zip Fleece


Everyone needs a great pullover fleece (or two) in their wardrobe. These have great utility to keep you feeling warm and cozy indoors. On days with moderate temperatures, a fleece might be all you need to stay warm outdoors as well, making them great for activity or relaxation time.

The North Face Tech ¼-Zip Fleece is a great option. It is constructed from a stretchy fleece which helps it to fit all sizes comfortably. Moreover, it will be easy to move in. The fabric design is also breathable, which can help regulate body temperature. The cadet-style collar looks professional. The high-quality, pill-resistant fabric will keep it looking good longer.

Canyon Flats Fleece Hooded Jacket


If your winter retreat will take participants indoors and outdoors, then a hooded jacket is an excellent choice. This way they can dress in layers and adapt their clothing to the changing temperatures. The North Face Canyon Flats Fleece or Hooded Jacket are ideal options.

This fleece jacket is designed for warmth. However, it is constructed with breathable fabric, which maximizes comfort even during activity (such as winter retreat teambuilder exercises). One great feature of this jacket is the zipped pockets, which will allow your employees to stow away their wallets and phones safely. This way there will be no distraction from the retreat.

Ridgeline Soft Shell Vests


If you are spending most of your time indoors, then a soft-shell fleece vest may be a more practical choice than a full fleece jacket. The fleece vest covers your core for extra warmth. It can also look very stylish and professional over long-sleeved tops and even button-up shirts.

The Ridgeline option from North Face offers some great high-end features. It is water-repellent and wind-resistant. Like their hooded fleece, a zipped pocket is available to put away your valuables. This fleece vest comes in solid or heathered colors to match your company colors.

When you start shopping to outfit your employees for the company retreat, consider these quality North Face apparel for your company. Of course, you will want your selection branded with the company logo to promote team spirit. You can have logos, brand names and other messages or images embroidered on North Face apparel. This will increase the look of professional, unified look of your team. With such high-quality apparel and customization options, your employees will surely want to wear the garments long past the retreat, which will keep that team spirit alive.

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