Our Favorite Fashion Brands For College Students

College is not all about academics. It is also a great time to find your personal style and express yourself. As you attend classes, participate in extracurricular activities, and spend time with friends, you want to look fashionable. Yet, as college students often have limited cash, it’s also important to invest in the most durable and useful garments and gear. Check out these favorite fashion brands for college students and some of our favorite items:

Under Armour UA Downtown Pack


Every college student needs a great backpack to carry all their books and gear as they run around campus from class to class. If you are a fashion-conscious college student, you might be interested in having a backpack that does not look like a backpack. If so, the UA Downtown Pack is a great option.

This backpack is super stylish. Instead of a zippered compartment, the front flap and buckles make it look great while still being very easy to access your stuff. Even being stylish, this bag is well-constructed for utility and durability. It is water resistant to protect your books against rain. It has ergonomic and padded shoulder straps for comfort. The bottom panel of the backpack is designed to be tough and abrasion resistant, so it will stand up to being set down and tossed around.

Even better, this backpack has excellent details perfect for college student life. It has a padded laptop sleeve that zips shut. It has a “Stinky Stuff” compartment lined with anti-odor technology—perfect for stashing your gym clothes after a work-out. It has water bottle pockets on each side to help you stay hydrated throughout the day. Finally, if your college campus requires the frequent use of an ID card, you will like the card stash pocket on the left shoulder strap, which allows for easy access.

The North Face Sweater Fleece Jackets


Many college students visit multiple buildings in a day, some of which may have better or worse heating and cooling systems. You will quickly learn to dress in layers. A great option for layering is The North Face Sweater Fleece Jacket. It is stylish looking with soft, heathered, sweater-knit, fleece fabric. A full-zippered front makes it easy to put on, leave open, or take off as needed to match the current temperature and your comfort level. The tailoring looks mature and professional for work settings too.

The North Face Ultra Series Shoes


On most college campuses, students will do quite a lot of walking throughout the year. With limited storage space, you cannot have a whole collection of shoes. Instead, you will need good sturdy shoes that can carry you through many different activities and weather conditions. The North Face, Ultra Series shoes, is a great option. The Ultra Series offers many different styles and colors for Men and Women.

One great option is the Ultra FastPack II Gore-Tex shoe. These shoes are lightweight, but they protect the feet when walking over hard surfaces, such sidewalks, and streets. They are waterproof, which is excellent for wet and rainy days. The Ultra FastPack II Mid Gore-Tex is another great option that provides more ankle support and coverage for winter weather. With color options, you can also stay in style.

Choosing quality name brand gear that will last through semester after semester is a big priority, hopefully this article has helped decide between the top fashion brands for college students. The above options are ideal if you are looking to customize fashion-forward clothing with a college name or logo. Talk to BYOG today about our options for customizing your unique fashion-forward college gear.

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