How to Create the Best Custom T-Shirts Online

T-shirts are one of the most popular garments because they are suitable for nearly all occasions. T-Shirts can convey messages, emotions, personality, and solidarity with some group. If you want to make a personalized product, a t-shirt is an excellent choice. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, or just want an avenue for self-expression, consider designing your own custom t-shirts online.


When you want to design a customized t-shirt for your business or event or even just personal use, there are several things to consider: size, style, fit, color, message, brand, and general ease of wear. If you decide to take the creative plunge, use these four steps to make a great custom t-shirt design.

  1. Brainstorming and Planning

When starting this process, brainstorming is a big first step. With brainstorming, you can think about what you want made. Allow your creativity to generate many ideas. Be thoughtful about what you want and how you can get there. After some brainstorming, you might settle on some more specific ideas.

  1. Visualization and Composition

Once you have your idea of what you want to convey with your t-shirt, spend some time visualizing what you want your t-shirt to look like, feel like, its material composition, how it will sit on the body, fit/style, and the imagery you want it to have. Sketch your ideas, either physically or with design software.

During the composition phase, you begin constructing your custom design. Start planning more and more specific details, such as the exact images, design layout, and ideal color choices. T-shirts with great design have all the necessary details, visual interest, and some simplicity to the design.

Use our custom design studio software to visualize your design now.

  1. Fabric and Color Selection

As you design the perfect t-shirt, you will want it to be comfortable and comfortable to wear. This means you want to select a piece of fabric that you like. In some cases, you may want your t-shirt to be durable and stand up well to multiple washing cycles. In that instance, you may wish to have a sturdier material. Consider the fabrication and care instructions as you decide on a specific t-shirt you will use for imprinting.

Once you know the fabric, you can select the fabric color. Your final color selection will be important. You may want it to reflect your brand or be a popular color that many people enjoy. You will select the color of your t-shirt’s fabric as well as colors for the imprint. Even if you use only a single color on a white or black t-shirt, you can use that color to communicate what you want to communicate effectively. Again, use a balance of visual interest and simplicity for an eye-catching design.

  1. Design and Printing

Most people cannot personally print their custom t-shirts. This means you will likely use a professional printing company. An experienced printer can bring your design to life. Consider using the expertise at Build Your Own Garment (BYOG) and their unique design studio. With the online design software, you can specify all aspects of your t-shirt design, including colors, graphics, style, and fit. You can easily upload an image, and you will receive an art proof before the full production run. A dedicated customer service team is also on hand to answer any of your questions during the print process. Learn more about screen printing or embroidery on custom t-shirts online.

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