4 Most Popular Items to Custom Embroider

Every new year, you might be thinking about advertising your business with personalized products or creating custom embroidered gear for your school or sports team. Embroidery is a great way to personalize your customized items for a higher-end look. You can custom embroider items with logos and text in different colors to match your brand. With many different items to choose for embroidery, learn about the most popular items to custom embroider.

  1. Baseball Caps and Hats


A classic item to embroider is a baseball cap or hat. Everyone needs at least one baseball cap in their wardrobe for sunny days and outdoor activities. Hats are always helpful for winter months or just a fashion statement. If you are looking for a quality cap to put your embroidery on, select from Richardson caps. They are made from quality construction with a variety of options for customization. You can select different types of hats, fabrication, visor options, and colors for various parts.

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  1. Shopping Tote Bags

As people become more environmentally conscious, they are moving away from paper and plastic bags to reusable shopping totes. A tote bag also has many other uses for travel and other activities. For this reason, a shopping tote bag is a great item to embroider. It is useful to customers and potential clients, while also being a walking advertisement. A great option is the Port & Company 2-Tone Shopping Tote, which features handles and bottom paneling with a color contrast to the body of the bag.

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  1. Collared Polo Shirts

If you are looking to outfit your employees and staff in matching apparel, an embroidered polo shirt is a great option. This will give them a professional and cohesive look, which can give your customers a sense of confidence about the work and services. When selecting attire for your staff, you want a product that will stand up to multiple washings and keep looking good. A good option is the Port Authority brand, which offers a great balance of quality for the value in Men’s and Women’s styles.

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  1. Embroidered Blankets

People always need blankets. It is an item people can collect more and more of over time. Embroidered blankets are a great item to customize. People can find many uses for them at home or outdoors at picnics and sports games. If you are giving them away for a business, they are one-size-fits-all. If you select Chenille, it is a great fabric option that will stand out for its quality. An embroidered blanket also makes a great personalized gift—no need to worry about whether it will exactly fit the recipient.

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If you decide to invest in custom embroidery for personalized items, work with a company that can offer many product options. It is also most helpful if the company can help you set up your embroidery design to ensure text and logos look clear. While embroidery can be used to replicate most text and logos, care needs to be taken to ensure the shapes and colors translate well onto the fabric. Choose a quality provider like BYOG who knows the most popular items to custom embroider and for the best embroidery and widest choice of designs and colors to bring your logos to life.

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