Top 10 Motivational T-Shirt Sayings

T-shirts are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. They are great for all occasions from casual days at work, to shopping, lazing around the house, or going to the gym. Any t-shirt can be made more interesting with a custom printed motivational saying. If you want to design a motivating shirt, check out these top ten motivational t-shirt sayings to screen print on any t-shirt.

  1. Believe


This is a simple classic saying, inspiring confidence and motivation, while also being open to interpretation. It could mean “Believe in yourself,” or it could mean “Believe in a higher power”. It is versatile enough to appeal to a wide range of people, for many different occasions.

  1. Follow Your Dreams


This is another classic and it definitely has a tone of encouragement. Yet, “Follow your Dreams” is also open to fit many people, whatever their dreams may be. It can motivate people to dream and to go after their dreams. It is a great phrase that can be encouraging to the wearer and others who may see the shirt.

  1. Carpe Diem


Loosely translated as “seize the day,” this phrase encourages people to make the most of the present moment. As a famous saying preserved in Latin, this phrase gives the shirt a more sophisticated or even exotic feel.

  1. Failure is Not an Option


This phrasing works well on a t-shirt, especially for work-out or exercise gear. While it takes a ‘tough love’ approach, it really encourages people not to quit and to keep going until they succeed. Since this phrase has a strong stance, it can work well on bold and dark colors that are similarly strong.

  1. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work


This saying has recently really grown in popularity. Teams everywhere are using this phrase to create a sense of community spirit to encourage themselves. For that reason, “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work” would be a great saying on corporate wear for a work retreat. Print it in your company colors to show group solidarity.

  1. Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear


This phrase is more than just motivational, it is also inspirational. While it could have a spiritual or religious slant to it, faith can also extend to faith in yourself and your abilities to succeed. It can be paired with religious iconography (such as a cross) to appeal to faith-based audiences.

  1. Your Attitude Determines Your Direction


This phrase is a bit sassy, meaning if you have a good attitude you can move in the right direction or if you have a bad attitude you will move in the wrong direction. Right now, arrows are very on trend and this popular design would make the perfect pairing with this phrase.

  1. Life is Like Exercise, The Harder it is The Stronger You Become


This is another phrase that would fit well on a t-shirt for exercise and work-outs. However, it also has a comedic twist that would make it work for any occasion. It is motivational and inspirational in that it reminds people that even though life may seem hard, that leaves you stronger than you were before.

  1. DOn’t quIT


Everyone can be tempted to quit from time to time, when they face a challenge. That makes “Don’t Quit” a great motivational phrase. You can add a double message to the shirt, with different ink colors for D-O and I-T. Suddenly the shirt also encourages the reader to “DO IT.” One of the great Motivational T-Shirt Sayings.

  1. BEcome WHO YOU ARE


Sometimes people struggle through life feeling like they have to act a certain way to make others happy. “BEcome WHO YOU ARE” encourages the wearer to let go of that mindset. Also, making c-o-m-e lowercase, it gives a second message of “Be Who You Are,” which makes it more interesting and fun.

Motivational t-shirt sayings are the ideal way to add a unique and personal touch to your custom screen printed or embroidered t-shirts for individuality, a strong message, and eye-catching flair.

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