Top 5 Custom Gaming Shirts For Esports Tournaments And More

Are you a gamer, looking to show your hobby through your apparel?  Any gamer can have personalized attire made to represent their game. Custom gaming shirts can reflect the humor, personality and even ‘achievements’ of a gamer, so check out these top 5 ideas for the most popular gaming shirts.

  1. “I don’t age, I just Level Up”


This shirt graphic offers a bit of humor by saying that the wearer “levels up” rather than getting older each year. The humorous tone will also match many different gamers in both the video game and the table-top gaming arena. The phrase can be combined with graphics from your favorite game that show the symbol for leveling up. It would make a great birthday gift for the gamer in your life.

  1. “Sorry I’m Late, Had to Get to a Save Point”


Every video game addict probably knows the struggle of being in the middle of a good game when they need to get ready to go somewhere else. Sometimes, you are stuck playing until you get to a “save point” so that you do not lose all your progress and then you run late. This humorous shirt describes that scenario, and while you may not wear it to work when you are late, it makes a great gaming shirt.

  1. “I Paused my Game to be Here”


Likewise, every gamer probably knows the feeling of being somewhere they do not want to be when they would rather be gaming. This custom t-shirt phrase sarcastically references that situation. You can use white block text on any color background and even include a “pause” graphic to add to the design. This creates a fun and playful shirt, perfect for whatever you do when you’re not gaming!

  1. “Player 1”


The classic and even modern video games feature an option to be Player 1 or Player 2. Of course, Player 1 would usually be the owner of the game system or the older sibling when you were a kid. This phrase jokingly references your love of video games and your status as the lead player. It can be paired with a graphic of your game console, controllers, or favorite game character.

  1. [Your Favorite Game/Character/Gaming Phrase]

Anyone can design a custom t-shirt for themselves or their gaming group. This allows you complete control over the final look. You could include a saying or phrase that represents your gaming. You could include character names, even on the back like a sports team top. You could include graphics from your game or an image of a character you have created. You can also choose the colors that best represent your game. The possibilities are nearly endless.

When you work with Build Your Own Garment (BYOG), you can use the BYOG Design Studio to design your perfect custom apparel. The design tool allows you to select your garment, colors, and designs on the front and back of the t-shirt. You can upload your own images or select from stock images. BYOG also makes the process easy with help along the way, as you create your perfect gaming shirt!

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