How to Customize Hard Hats for the Construction Industry

​For day to day wear in the construction industry, comfort, flexibility, and safety are the biggest priorities. The head is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, particularly on a construction site, so hard hats are a must to protect from falling debris and moving machinery. Yet to customize hard hats to match a company’s branding and logo can be a challenge. You want your hard hats to look good and represent your brand, while also keeping workers safe from the dangers they face on site.

Here we look at how to best customize hats for the construction industry, balancing appearance, branding, and safety for optimum results.

Hard Hat Reflective Strips


Reflective strips can not only make your hard hats unique; they can fulfill an essential safety function as well. Highly reflective and visible striping that meets the ANSI standard can be used on your worker\’s hard hats to improve visibility at night. This striping can be in white or fluorescent colors that make the hat more visible in any condition.

Improving the visibility of your workers is essential when the construction site has hazardous conditions, such as moving vehicles nearby.  Reflective strips can also help to delineate various work crews by using different colors for workers assigned to differing tasks.

Hard Hat Neck Shade


Working outdoors presents many hazards. But one of the most overlooked dangers workers face every day is the sun. Excess sun exposure can cause sunburn, heat stroke and eventually skin cancer, so it’s wise to consider customizing your hard hat with a neck shade. Some options have ANSI certified fabric that provides UV protection for optimum sun defense. Polyester mesh neck shade options can also provide breathable shade in hot and humid climates. Neck shades can even feature bright colors and reflective strips for added visibility and safety.

Hard Hat Winter Liner


If your workers are outdoors in cold temperatures, their hard hats may not be particularly good at keeping them warm. In fact, the materials used in hard hats may themselves get cool in cold temperatures and will then only make your workers even colder.

You can help yourself, and your workers stay warm by pairing your hard hat with a winter liner. These are designed to cover the head, neck, and outer parts of the face. Usually, they have a felt liner for comfort. Some options are made with a durable fire-resistant material following ANSI standards.

Protective Face Shields


Depending on your industry, you and your workers may need protective facial shields attached to your hard hats. You need to first customize your hat with a face shield carrier that attaches directly to the brim of the safety helmet. This carrier can then be paired with shields and screens. Some face shield carriers are made of aluminum. Some have helpful features that can keep the shield raised when not in use. You will want to select a face shield carrier and face shield that pair together.

When you are ready to design and customize hard hats for your construction work crew, work with a company that offers a range of options plus the ability to choose ANSI certified safety gear. BYOG works with your requirements to ensure you customize your hard hats to achieve the best quality, safety, and visibility for your workers.

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