North Face vs Under Armour: Which is better for athletes in cold weather?

Only a few apparel brands hold the coveted place of ‘most trusted’ among amateur and professional athletes alike. But North Face and Under Armour are two of the most popular and well-recognized brands, for cold weather wear, and athletic wear respectively. But which is better for the athlete exercising in cold weather? Here we compare these two apparel superstars on warmth, flexibility, and performance. North Face vs Under Armour.

Ease Of Movement

Ease of movement is one of the essential requirements in cold weather gear for athletes in this battle of North Face vs Under Armour. Athletes looking for jackets and vests that are easy to move in will probably find The North Face’s ThermoBall line appealing. ThermoBall is a warm, synthetic material that’s perfect for athletes because it’s lightweight and not bulky. North Face ThermoBall technology is available in many styles, including stretch fabrics that will move well. Their vests offer the same warmth around the core but leave your arms free for movement. Thermoball vests and jackets can be layered for extra warmth, while still being streamlined.

The North Face Brave the Cold line of apparel is also specially designed to provide warmth in the coldest temperatures. All these garments are designed for movement, making them perfect for athletes.

\"northThe Under Armour Cold Gear Funnel Neck Long Sleeve Shirt balances warmth and flexibility. This shirt is designed to keep your neck warm without any need for a bulky scarf. Thumb loops at the cuffs keep your sleeves in place and can help to keep your hands warm. A popular item for golf enthusiasts is the UA ColdGear Reactor vest, which allows for easy movement in the arms. This looks stylish over the UA ColdGear Authentic Mock top. When you do not need a full jacket, the UA ColdGear ½ Zip is a good option. This provides warmth and the option to layer without the bulk


Cold weather gear should be waterproof and windproof. However, this can be an issue when exercising, as water- and wind-proof fabrics often aren’t breathable.

\"northNorth Face strikes the right balance with their DryVent line. Garments made of this fabric are waterproof and wind resistant, yet the fabric is breathable and comfortable to wear during outdoor activities.

Under Armour offers their ColdGear Reactor line jackets with insulation that adapts to your activity level for just the right balance of warmth and breathability. It does this by trapping your body heat to keep you warm or circulating it away if you start to overheat. The exterior of the jacket is made from Under Armour’s UA Storm technology to repel away water. The jacket is also windproof, lightweight, and easily packed away into the jacket’s chest pocket.

Top To Toe Warmth

For keeping legs warm, North Face offers their Winter Warm Tights. These are great for runners who need streamlined fabric but want to keep their legs warm. They are designed with FlashDry fabric and fully lined so sweat is wicked away and the cold is kept out.

The Under Armour ColdGear line also offers Women’s leggings, which are a great choice for all types of outdoor athletic activities. \"under

When it comes to cold weather gear in North Face vs Under Armour, both offer a variety of options for athletes. Many athletes shop both brands to select the garments they find most appealing for features and style. Both brands provide the ideal potential for customization with a college or business logo or name, so if you’re looking for custom branded cold weather workout gear, talk to BYOG about your options for high-quality embroidery or screen printing to make your brand shine.

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