College Promotional Gear Every Fan Should Have!


It’s springtime, which means that it’s the last quarter or semester of the year. Sports season is picking back up, and students are coming out to enjoy the sun, and support their home team. Take advantage of this by producing some of the top fan favorite customizable college promotional gear. Here are some of the best ones to give students and university sports fans a lasting memory or their favorite teams:

  • Tee shirts: The home team tee is a classic custom embroidery item at any university athletic event. With a casual, relaxed fit, you only have to worry about the 3 major sizes for your custom screen printing job. They are cheap, easy to package, and fun for the fans. Get them printed in your university’s color, or put your logo on a white tee shirt for a more versatile look.
  • Hoodies: Up the ante a bit by providing the more substantial brother of the tee shirt. Game nights can be cold, and in all the excitement it’s easy to forget to bring something to cover up. Hoodies are more expensive than tee shirts but if this is a for-sale item, as opposed to a giveaway, then you will not only make your money back in sales, but also in free, residual advertising.
  • Frisbees: Sporting events can be an all-day thing, and some of the younger fans can get a bit restless. Help mom and dad out by stamping the university logo onto a frisbee that the kids can play with behind the bleachers when the game goes into overtime. Frisbees are durable and easily packable, so they can go with you to the beach or on vacation, reminding frisbee fanatics of the great time they had at the game.
  • Rally fans: Everyone wants to feel like they’re part of the game. With rally fans, stadium-goers can stay cool, while showing their support with large fans, printed in the colors of the team or university. In the case that your team is not winning, fans with fans can distract the other team during penalty throws or field goals.
  • Pompoms: The idea behind the custom printed pompom is very similar to that of the rally fan, with a little more flair. Fans can chime in during the half time dance routine or mid-play cheer routine, and aspiring cheerleaders can hang their pompoms in their bedroom after the game is over.
  • Pens: Hopefully the only one using a pen during a university sporting event is the coach. But every student needs a collection of pens for after the game – even with the widespread use of the laptop for school work.
  • Travel Phone chargers: Everyone wants to support their team by posting the best moments of the game on their Instagram story, or Facebook live. But it’s hard to do this when your cell phone battery is dead all the time! So give your fans something they will use and appreciate every day. While these giveaways can be a little more expensive, they will have a lasting effect, and will therefore promote your brand all over.

Don’t let sports season slip away without you producing some of the top promotional fan items for your college or university. Get in on the fun and team spirit with your logo-designed tee shirt, pompom, travel Phone charger, or any of the top college promotional gear for this season.

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