4 Reasons Tech Companies Need Promotional Headwear

\"Image “Office casual” isn’t what it used to be. With college graduates ruling the world from their beanbag chair thrones in Silicon Valley, the old suit and tie has become outdated in many office settings. If you are an employee at one of today’s leading firms, then you are probably working in an upscale office overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge – in a tee shirt and jeans. If this doesn’t quite describe your company but sounds more like a firm you’re trying to impress, then make sure to consider this new office culture when gifting customized promotional headwear or any other promo products.

Here, you will find 4 reasons to choose a cap as your next customized promotional product:

1)   For corporate branding services: Tech companies spend more money on promotional items for internal use than any other industry. This may seem counterintuitive. After all, why would an industry with a salary so sought-after by employees need to spend money on internal gifts? The reason is that it’s not just the salary that makes tech so enticing. It’s the culture – the benefits, and cool factor – all which are reflected in this spending habit.

2)   To entice new and potential talent: Tech firms are picky about which employees they hire, because they can be. But when they see talent, they are keen and proactive on acquiring it. As such, they often have gift and promo packages meant to swoon high-demand prospects. And prospective employees include those at college campuses and job fairs. Add a hat to the gift or giveaway bag to remind potential team members that your office is fun, relaxed, and up-to-date with tech culture.

3)   To give to employees as milestone gifts: Be it an anniversary, an award, a new investor acquisition, or just a move – the tech industry loves celebrations. Give away a trendy cap with your company’s logo and colors (and maybe a small, inscription of the milestone you are celebrating, inside the cap) to remind your employees and others of your team’s achievement.

4)   Trade shows: If you’re sending employees to trade shows, you need to balance demonstrating your commitment to the tech-model of casualness, with the representation of your company. In lieu of an embroidered polo shirt, which many of the young engineers in the tech industry find cumbersome and old-fashion, give them something they can wear comfortably with their go-to outfit to represent your company, such as a high-quality, good fit cap.

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People love receiving gifts, and they appreciate free things. In a survey conducted by Promotional Products Association International, 80% of people polled reported that their impression of the company was positively affected after receiving a promotional product from that company. As such, customized promotional headwear and other promo products have become one of the most powerful ways for businesses to advertise without seeming too much like gratuitous self-promotion. If you are looking to advertise your business within the tech industry then the cap is a perfect fit, but make sure that it is of good quality and style. Dad hats, for example, allow gift recipients to maintain their personal style, as the logo is very small. From Baseball caps to sun visors and more, BYOG has all kinds of promotional headwear sure to fit your company’s style.

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