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What You Need to Know About Planning a Spirit Wear Fundraiser – Part 2

Last week, in part 1 of What You Need to Know About Planning a Spirit Wear Fundraiser, we covered these 4 principles:

  • Come Up with a Plan
  • Determine Budget and Pricing
  • Generate Design Ideas
  • Select a Vendor

Here are 4 more suggestions to consider for planning a successful spirit wear fundraiser:

Round Up Volunteers

Tap into your PTO and booster organizations to help get people to help out with the sale. Someone with graphic design experience–especially screen printing designs–is a tremendous help for the design aspect of the project. Parents and volunteers who have experience with sales and marketing can also be a great asset for generating a successful fundraiser.

Establish Deadlines and Milestones

When planning a spirit wear fundraiser, plan on it taking a lot longer than you think it will. Get the process rolling several months before you want the fundraiser to start so that you have plenty of time to get everything you need done for the event to run smoothly. Establish deadlines for the product selection, the design, the timeline for the fundraiser, a promotion plan and more. Getting these deadlines in place will help you delegate tasks to volunteers to assure that everyone is on the same page.

Complete the Design

Working closely with your chosen vendor, finalize your design and get it ready for printing. Use the image in your promotional materials including posts on the school’s social media accounts.

Get the Word Out

Send home fliers with the kids. Include order forms–or instructions for accessing the online order forms–in school newsletters or email. Have staff model the spirit wear at assemblies or on special days at the school. Post ordering details about the fundraiser on all social media outlets. The more word of mouth your fundraiser gets the more orders you will receive. Have your volunteers spread the word as well. The best source of spirit wear purchases is from friends and family.

This concludes our two-part series about what you need to know about planning a spirit wear fundraiser.

Ready to Launch Your Back-to-School Spirit Wear Campaign?

We here at BYOG (Build Your Own Garment) want to be your partner for running a successful spirit wear fundraiser. We have spirit wear design specialists on staff that can help you refine your design or even create a new one. Contact us via our online chat feature on our website, call us at (925) 829-3950 or toll-free at (855) 776-8465, or fill out our online form and we will contact you within 24-hours.

Create an online store and sell custom items for a profit:

Sell custom t-shirts online to raise funds

Custom t-shirts are a very popular way to raise funds. T-shirt fundraising is specifically effective because:

• Participants are rewarded with something they will actually use for a long time
• Printed t-shirts or custom college clothing can be used to spread your message long after the fundraiser has ended.

Thanks to these two unique benefits, more and more schools and colleges across the US are adopting t-shirt printing for their fundraiser campaigns.

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