Planning a T Shirt Design

3 Things You Should Always Do When Planning a T Shirt Design

Last week we covered 3 Things You Should Never Do in a T Shirt Design. This week we’ll explore 3 things you always should do when planning a t shirt design.

1 – Who is Your Market

When creating a t shirt design, ask yourself who this product is for. Are they male or female, younger or older? These factors play into the design. When going into the design process, have a clear vision of who you want to attract to your design.

2 – Color Choice

T-shirt designs have several sets of color to keep in mind: the fabric color(s) and the print color(s). To ensure that the colors complement one another, consider your fabric color as the background or the canvas for your design.

Also, remember that the way t-shirt ink works may not match your exact vision for your design. So that violet that you envisioned in your design might be slightly different than what is actually printed. However, it is possible to get exact color matches with Pantone (PMS) or custom CMYK inks, but they are generally more expensive. PMS uses exact ink tones that the printer can purchase. CMYK printing can create any color by combining cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). Talk to your printer about these options if you are concerned about how your design will work with the colors you’ve selected.

3 – Printing Options

There are several options that most printers allow after planning a t shirt design and when you go to print your t-shirt: screen printing, vinyl graphics, and direct-to-garment (print-on-demand). Screen printing is great for large orders as it is reliable and high quality however, it can be very costly when there are many colors in your design. Vinyl graphics tend to be more durable, higher quality, and are great for a more 3-D effect for your design but are more expensive meaning they might not be a good option for bulk orders. Direct-to-garment is very customizable, allows for pristine detail and extensive color choices but this doesn’t work well on dark-colored garments. It also tends to be a better option for smaller batches of t-shirts.

Ready to Print Your T Shirt Design?

Reach out to BYOG (Build Your Own Garment) to start planning a t shirt design and the process of bringing your design ideas to life. Contact us via our online chat feature on our website, call us at (925) 829-3950 or toll-free at (855) 776-8465, or fill out our online form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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