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How to Choose the Best San Francisco Bay Area T-Shirt Printing Services

Do you want your squad to stick out from the crowd?

You\’re a part of a group, club, or team that you love. You\’ve got to represent!

That\’s why you need some new T\’s.

A customized printed T-shirt is the best way to rep your team. Your current crew will feel proud rocking their snazzy threads. Others will be jealous that they don\’t have one.

However, T-shirt printing can be expensive and confusing. You want to make sure you\’re getting the best bang for your buck.

You also want to be sure the T-shirt turns out exactly how you imagined it. Nobody wants any surprises when they get their T-shirt order. It should look just as awesome as you dreamed it would be.

How do you know who you can trust?

Before you have shirts printed, you need to find the best T-shirt printing services in the San Francisco Bay. Keep reading to learn about what qualities to look for.

Check out What the Company Has Done

Do you vibe with this potential company? The best way to see if you\’re on the same page is to check out their past work.

Do their styles match up with what you\’re looking for? Is the quality up to your standards?

Most legit printing companies have a portfolio. See ours.

If they\’re proud of their work they\’ll happily show it off. If they\’re not proud of their work, you won\’t want to work with them anyway. Move on to the people you vibe with.

Make Sure the Company Has a Good Reputation

In every business, reputation is key. You wouldn\’t go to a restaurant without reading its Yelp reviews. Same should go for a customized shirt printing company.

Check out all the online reviews of a potential company. Some of these opinions can be misleading or bogus. Use your discretion to tell what feedback is legit.

You can also do things the old-fashioned way. If you see someone with an original T\’ you dig, ask them who printed it. You\’re more likely to get honest feedback from a person IRL than online.

They Should Be Doing It All In-House

You\’re getting a customized, personalized service done here in San Francisco. Why would you want that work being shipped off to who-knows-where?

Some large companies outsource steps of the printing process. That means you end up paying more for them to do less. Not fair, right?

These big corps also don\’t have the attention to detail you are looking for.

Nothing beats the sense of pride that comes with a company that does everything in-house. Because they can watch over every step of the process, you\’ll know you are in good hands.

You Want the Freedom to Be Creative

As you create your shirt, you\’re essentially becoming a T-shirt designer. Even if you have zero artistic ability, you can still be creative in the design stage. Just make sure the potential printer can provide you the creative freedom you desire.

Your printing service should be able to provide a large variety of stock images and fonts. Hopefully, they\’ll allow you to place the images and text where you want them. You should be in the driver\’s seat at this stage.

Don\’t let the printers bully you into a design that you don\’t want. This is your T-shirt, and it should represent you and your crew.

Importing Is Important

The more artsy folks out there might want to design their own original graphic. This can totally be done with all customized clothing. You just need to make sure to deliver the file in the correct format.

Typically, a printing service will accept JPEG and PNG files. You\’ll want to confirm what file type and size is preferred by the company. If you deliver an improperly formatted graphic, your T\’ could end up looking blurry.

That will be on you. Get on the same page with your printer before you print!

Their Apparel Should Be Appealing

There are a lot of options when it comes to apparel. There\’s different sleeve lengths, ringer t\’s, hoodies, you name it. You want a printing service that can provide them all.

But, while variety is important, quality is paramount. This article of clothing is a keepsake. You should be able to rock your look around the streets of San Francisco for years to come.

Part of what determines a shirt\’s longevity is how you take care of it. The other part is the quality of materials the printers use. Make sure the company can provide high-end apparel that will last.

Decide on the Printing Process

The process of printing on clothing can be done in a variety of ways.

Screen printing is the classic method. Other options are fine embroidery, heat transfer, and sublimation.

You need to decide which process is right for you based on the quality and the price.

Don\’t be shy to ask about each function. The printers should be able to explain the pros and cons of all the printing processes. If they don\’t seem to know what they\’re talking about or aren\’t helpful, don\’t hire them!

Look for a Friendly Company

Your printing service doesn\’t have to be your new best friend. But, it would help if they were at least friendly and courteous.

Like all successful projects, this should be a collaboration. From the first point of contact to the T-shirt delivery, you should feel heard.

Good customer service is the best sign the company cares about their project. If the workers you communicate with are helpful and polite it\’s because they like what they do.

If they like what they do, then you will too!

Now You Know What to Look for in T-Shirt Printing Services

You\’ve checked out their portfolio. You\’ve figured out how to deliver your design. Hopefully, you\’ve even developed a good rapport with the printers.

Now you\’re ready to print your T\’! For more info on customized T-shirt printing services in the San Francisco Bay area contact us today. We\’ll have you and your squad styling in no time.

You want it, we can make it!


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