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How to Design Awesome Company Shirts

There\’s nothing as noticeable as a well-made shirt. Company t-shirts that look great reflect how awesome the business is. You can even ask Walt Disney.

The first advertising shirts for business was one made for Disney in the 1950s.

During this time, Tropix Togs, a shirt company, got the exclusive rights from the Walt Disney Company to print Mickey Mouse and friends. Along with other shirts for Miami resorts, these were the first company t-shirts and shirt advertising exploded into popularity.

Today, company shirts are quintessential business advertising. If you want something of your own for your company, it\’s best to get one from the pros. Even then, it\’s good to learn how they make your company shirt ideas come to life.

Whether you want to confirm how to make them or you want to try your hand at it, this is how you design awesome shirts for your business.

1. Know Your Shirt\’s Purpose

Understanding why you need a shirt in the first place is the best way to start. When thinking about possible reasons, there\’s near limitless possibilities why you need a shirt. Some common ones include:

  • Promotional
  • Branding
  • Giveaways
  • Team unity
  • Events
  • Merch

At most, promotional and branding shirts are practical ways to get your name around. Promotional products still work. The best of them, the t-shirt, is not only noticeable but has solid brand recall.

Depending on your needs, it\’s essential that you fit your business shirt design. For team unity and events, it\’s crucial for you to use company colors wherever you can. You want something that\’s clean and easy on the eyes.

For promotional and branding t-shirts, you need something that pops. The design should be a head turner every time.

2. Lay Out Your Budget, Timeline, and Shirts Needed

It\’s smart to lay out your budget, your timeline and the number of shirt units you need for your purposes. This ensures that you can meet your expectations without a hitch. This is extra useful if you\’re going for a big bulk order.

Business shirt ideas are hard to make. It\’s even harder to produce them. Knowing the proper hard details for your company t-shirts gives the shirt printing service a sufficient amount of time to prepare.

Knowing your budget also gives you different options and even discount possibilities. There are different materials for different company shirt ideas. More expensive options give you better colors.

More inexpensive options save you money but may not work for promotional products. For your purposes to work, you need the right combination. Color, design, and materials are crucial for people to enjoy your product.

3. Choose the Right Graphics For Your Company T-Shirts

As we noted, it\’s essential to have the proper budget for the right materials. Materials are crucial to the final product that you\’ll get. Some of the printing methods include:

  • Screen prints
  • Direct to garment
  • Vinyl graphics

If your purpose is to have monochrome colors, screen prints are the best and most affordable. Direct-to-garment prints are very customizable with bright, vibrant colors. They\’re fantastic for small batches or unity shirts.

Vinyl garments are great for a stand out graphics, but you need to be wary about over complicated company t-shirt ideas.

4. Discuss Your Company Shirt Ideas

The next phase is to discuss your business shirt design with your team. Pick the right shirt type, base color, and size options. Choose styles and techniques that emphasize your ideas.

Do you want to make a full center shirt? Do you prefer to have a minimalist approach? Do you think it\’s better to have big prints in out of the ordinary areas?

Choose the right colors for the graphics, together with the proper typeface. Make sure everything is readable and easy to understand. As for the color, choose the correct swatches and the number of colors you want.

Discuss with your t-shirt printing service and agree on the type of color system you will use. They may use CMYK while your team uses pantones, which will be problematic in the long run.

5. Find the Right Printer for Your Business Shirt Ideas

Around this time, it\’s useful to find a t-shirt printer to do the work for you. This is unless you want to go through the DIY route for your company t-shirts.

Shirt printers are ideal if you\’re going to print your company shirt ideas en masse. If you\’re not a designer or don\’t have a designer on board, you can still DIY it.

Most of these professional services will have someone on staff who can help. You can also hire freelancers for the project so you can customize all you want.

Once you have a designer, tell them your idea so they can get going with the design. Tell them the colors, the presentation and how it will go on the shirt.

You can also tell them about your intended purpose. Many graphic designers can provide insight into the design direction. This is as long as you\’re clear about your purpose and intent.

It\’s smart to go in with an idea, rather than have nothing at all.

6. Finalize Your Company Shirt Ideas

Once the design is ready, check the business shirt design.

Does it need more work? Can you add more or fewer colors for it to pop? Are you happy with the position?

Communicate your feedback with the person working on the design. It\’s valuable to have a healthy back and forth. This is to make sure both sides are meeting each other\’s expectations.

Once you\’re happy with the output, send it to the printers!

7. Give Your Company Shirts To Printers You Can Trust

Putting company shirt ideas to life is no easy task. There are so many processes you need to undertake before you get to have your business shirt design in print.

Follow the right process of making your company shirts. Do it and you\’re going to get the best results in the best amount of time. Whether you\’re doing it yourself or hiring outside, following best practices lets you have zero hitches.

If you\’re looking for professionals who can give you the best output, why not do it with someone you can trust? Do it with us at Bring Your Own Garment.

Whatever purpose you need it, BYOG gives you the best of the best around the West Coast. Get in touch with us now at BYOG and let\’s help you get your ideas out there.

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