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Get Branded! 10 Tips to Make Your Logo T-Shirts Stand Out

Picture it: a gaping mouth and tongue on a t-shirt. While it may sound off-putting, the Rolling Stones began using that exact image as their logo in the 1970s. Those logo t-shirts were a hit!

Today it\’s considered the most iconic t-shirt of all time. But it\’s not the only iconic t-shirt, that after decades is still recognizable and worn by several generations of fans.

Logo t-shirts, when done correctly, have the opportunity to make a lasting impression. If you\’re looking to make a lasting impression, keep reading.

We\’re sharing with you 10 tips to make your promotional apparel stand out.

1. For Logo T-Shirts to Stand Out, You Need to Know Your Target Audience

The tongue logo works well for generations of Rolling Stones fans because sticking your tongue out at something represents a protest. It symbolizes exactly the anti-establishment message the Stones sing about.

If you had tried to use this logo for Peter, Paul, and Mary, it would have failed miserably. Know your target market.

Find out who they are, where they live, and what their likes and dislikes are. Catering to a specific consumer is helpful especially in the promo tee business since there\’s so much competition.

2. Packing Is Part of Your Brand

If you\’re in the promo t-shirt business, everything you put out there is part of your brand. That includes packaging.

Many t-shirt producers use a generic package to send out their products. Which is a shame since they\’re losing out on an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Think about the jewelry store Tiffanys. Their light blue box is so well known that it practically sells their products for them.

3. Use the Sleeves for Extra Marketing

It\’s not just the front and the back of a promotional t-shirt that\’s usable. The sleeves are also a great place to place a print as well.

Printing on sleeves works best for simple, smaller designs. However, you can add your company name, logo or even a small illustration to make your t-shirt pop even more.

4. Make Sure the T-Shirt is Made From Quality Material

People are willing to pay extra for quality. Especially if the t-shirt comes with a cool logo on it.

You don\’t want to choose poor quality t-shirts that will crack or fade your design after only a few washings. There are quite a few t-shirt fabrics to choose from these days.

Determine what type of t-shirt you want your design on and then choose the best quality for your target market.

5. Choose Sustainability and Ethics

In 2017 US millennials spent around $200 billion. They have money, but they\’re also focused on sustainability and ethics.

In fact, 66% of millennials globally look for brands that incorporate ethics and sustainability into their business model. And they\’re willing to spend more to support those companies.

And they\’re not the only generation looking for companies to purchase sustainable items from. There aren\’t that many companies out there focusing on sustainable fashion so now is the perfect time to carve out a niche for your company.

6. Don\’t Forget About the Tag

The tag is another area where you can brand your promotional apparel. Obviously, when someone is wearing a t-shirt, the tag isn\’t noticeable, but the person buying the shirt is likely to remember it.

Labels are huge for a lot of fashionistas. If you create a great product, you need to ensure your tag is there to create a custom branded effect for your customers.

7. Choose Colors Wisely

Each color has a psychological impact on those who see it. Yellow is often associated with happiness.

Blue is associated with tranquility. Once you have a handle on who you\’re targeting to, find the colors that will capture their attention the most.

You don\’t have to go crazy with color, the iconic, \”I Love New York\” t-shirts are just a white t-shirt with red lettering. But that red makes people take notice.

8. Consider Creating a Vintage Look

Things have a way of coming back into fashion. Old t-shirts are still worth a lot of money.

You can create your own vintage t-shirt by using techniques such as distressed gradients, textures, and unusual transparency shapes. The result is a vintage feel that may give the impression your company is well established.

9. Add Extra Touches

People do business with people. And people like to feel as if they\’re special.

One easy and affordable way to make your customers feel special is by adding an extra surprise in your package for your customers. Something small such as a bumper sticker or bookmark can help people keep you in mind.

Adding an extra gift also makes it a little more fun for the customer. If they have a good experience, the chances are they\’re more likely to recommend your business to a family or friend and/or use your services more than once.

10. Consider Specialty Printing Techniques

You have options when creating a logo tee. There are specialty inks you can choose from.

While most of these options are only for specific situations, they may just be the exact thing your design is missing.

Foil works well when you want to add a shiny, reflective surface to your t-shirt. It\’s a great way of getting a little bit more attention.

Fuzz is just what you\’d think it is. A material that feels warm and fuzzy to the touch.

Using gel works in a similar way to vinyl. It\’s a thick, rubbery material that pops out of the shirt.

Glitter is perfect if you\’re looking to jazz up a shirt.

A hologram is perfect if you\’re looking to set your t-shirt apart from your competition. It stands out and makes everyone take notice.

Plastisol is the standard ink used in screen-printing.

Consider what is important to you when making a logo shirt, and choose your printing techniques from there!

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Whether you\’re designing a shirt for an athletic team, a bachelorette party or for your business, we can help. Click here to contact us to get started.

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