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We\’ve Got a Shirt For That: 8 Creative Reasons to Wear Custom Shirts

Are you thinking about buying custom shirts for your business or group?

If so, you\’re not alone. Go anywhere these days, and you see people wearing custom shirts. And we\’re not talking old-school tie-dye.

We mean professional shirts. We mean ones that look as nice as they feel.

But why are people wearing the heck out of these shirts? It\’s hard to pinpoint just one reason, but lucky for you, we\’re going to go through a handful of some of the great reasons people are wearing custom t-shirts.

After reading this article, you\’ll be ready to get yours too!

Read on to learn more!

1. Business Promotion

Nothing is more difficult than finding unique ways to promote your brand. Between placing TV ads and SEO, it can get tiresome trying to do marketing.

This is why many people are turning toward creating t-shirts to help promote their business. They\’re great for social media giveaways, and their fun ways to make your employees feel involved.

It\’s also great because people often keep their t-shirts for years. Even if they don\’t wear them, many of your potential customers will see your name in their closet for years to come.

But as long as you make a unique and fun t-shirt, you can bet that people will be tossing your businesses name on them every time they go out.

2. Unifying a Group

Are you in a student organization? How about a local team? Maybe you\’re a mom with a weekly book club!

Whatever your group is, a t-shirt can help make you all feel more connected than anything else. Coming together as a group to create a design you all are proud of is a fun team building exercise.

And once you get the shirts, you\’ll be excited to see how fun they are to wear. Whether you\’re all going out together or just hitting up the grocery store, you can represent your group\’s brand anywhere you go.

You might even be able to find new members this way! Not many people are above joining a group for the cool t-shirt!

3. To Promote Any Brand

We\’ve already talked about groups and business promotions. But the truth is that you can promote any brand through custom t-shirts.

It\’s true that some brands may find more use out of them than other brands. But any business or group can find some use of their shirts.

People you give the shirt to might wear it outside of the office or meeting location. This means you might get a walking billboard for your brand!

4. Trade Shows

If you\’re taking your business on the road, you need to make sure that you and your team are ready to represent. Trade shows can be a great way to find new customers, but if you don\’t do it right, you may end up just losing money.

Instead of wasting your time, make sure that you can stand out from the competition. With hundreds of other businesses, choosing to wear a company shirt will help people know who works for your business.

This also makes you look more professional than businesses who aren\’t matching. Even if they\’re wearing business attire, they may come off as used car salesmen more than professionals in your industry.

Plus, without suits, your brand will look more approachable. This could mean more conversations and leads for you.

5. Band Shirts

If you\’re in a band, it might be neat to create shirts to sell to fans or wear yourself. As a small band, you could still start selling your merch.

Some people might like wearing a shirt that not everyone understands. And it could help you become more mainstream.

Plus, a cool shirt is a cool shirt. Nobody will care how famous you are if the shirt looks too ugly. Just ask Kanye West.

6. They\’re Cheap

Believe it or not, one of the most effective forms of marketing isn\’t that expensive. Of course, we\’re talking about custom shirts.

Instead of blowing money with the marketing budget, keep it simple with your tees. Although they might cost a little on the frontend, they have a longer lifespan than most other forms of marketing.

As mentioned before, these shirts will stay with people for a long time. How many times will someone see your Facebook ad?

They won\’t see it many times, and you have to pay for it if they do! With custom tees, you pay once, and the impact is much longer.

7. Online Culture

Are you trying to build an online following? Maybe you\’re a famous YouTuber and want people to join your subscriber list.

Many YouTubers sell merch now, and they often make quite a bit of money from it! Influencers who are a bit more mature may even make the majority of their revenue from selling merch. YouTube doesn\’t usually pick their videos for advertisements!

So if you\’re trying to make some money as a YouTuber, consider making some fan merch. Keep in mind that it should not just represent you and your videos, but it should also look like something people would actually want to wear.

8. Just for Fun!

Nothing says fun like a custom shirt! There are plenty of reasons to wear one, but there was no way we were going to be able to list them all here.

So, to say it in short, custom shirts are fun! Having one can do plenty for you and your business or group.

You could even make your own just to try your design skills. If people like them, you might want to think about becoming a clothing designer!

Get Your Custom Shirts Today!

Now that you know some of the reasons people are wearing custom shirts, why aren\’t you wearing yours yet? Even if your group or business has already made one before, having more can be a way to get people excited again!

Check out some of our customizable t-shirts to see what could fit your brand! Who knows? Your next big t-shirt hit may only be a few clicks away!

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