best products for welcoming new employees

The Best Products For Welcoming New Employees

All good business leaders understand that team morale is the cornerstone of an effective business. It’s particularly important to set off on the right foot with talented new employees, especially when you want to foster their passion and expertise. We\’ll help you select products for welcoming new employees.

If you’re in the process of hiring, it might be beneficial to consider offering some great promotional items as perks for your new team members. Things like custom t-shirts and other apparel products can make newcomers feel welcome and part of your organization from the get-go, which results in more cohesive working relationships and improved productivity.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best products for welcoming new employees – so get inspired by some of these great promotional products which will encourage your new team members to gel perfectly within your company, and also impress any new and existing customers in equal measure!


1) Promotional bags

What better way to present a gift pack to a new starter than in a personalized bag? From tote bags to computer cases, you can customize to your heart’s content at Build Your Own Garment. Bags help your new members to feel like they’re one of the team, and also gives them something to transport documentation and other work materials in. This can be beneficial if you’re employing field sales representatives, as wherever they go, your logo goes too. Not only are you providing your team with the means to carry important documents; you’re also enjoying free advertising whenever they get out on the road.

BYOG Design Studio

2) T-shirt printing

Did you know that it’s incredibly easy to design your own t-shirt? This means you can offer personalized custom t-shirts to employees, and there’s no limit on creativity. With our simple online shirt designer tool, you can let your artistic streak shine – and if design isn’t your forte, you can simply allow the talented BYOG team to do the hard work for you. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll help bring your ideas to fruition, ensuring that your staff uniforms are funky and unique. To get some inspiration, why not check out some more posts on our blog?


3) Picnic blankets

Nothing says “welcome” like a staff picnic to introduce newcomers to your team – but that means you’re going to need picnic blankets. Our personalized fleece blankets and picnic blankets make for great gifts, and are practical enough to use around your business premises or at home. You could even sell picnic blankets as part of a fundraising effort for a good cause – which helps your team to feel great, knowing they’re doing their bit for charity. For more great accessory ideas, why not sign up to our group order GO store to learn more?


4) Aprons

If you’re in the food/catering industry, you’re going to need protective clothing for your employees. Our stylish aprons can be personalized to display your company logo, and will ensure your team’s clothing stays in perfect condition, even during the messiest of tasks. Don’t opt for the boring option – with custom aprons your staff will look the part, and feel like a cohesive team. Your customers will appreciate just how smart and professional your working unit looks, too. 


5) Full-zip sweatshirts

If you’ve got field-sales operatives, you’re going to want to ensure they feel comfortable whatever the weather. With personalized zip-up sweatshirts, your team members won’t feel the chill of the winter winds, and they’ll look impeccable wherever they go. Crew neck sweatshirts and hoodies are also available to keep the cold at bay, and will look equally as stylish during evening shifts or chilly days.


6) Caps

Everybody loves a cool cap. From snapbacks to trucker caps, we can meet your embroidery requirements and provide headwear that your employees and customers will love. By keeping your caps in standing with the rest of your branding, your company will exude an air of professionalism. Caps are incredibly useful in the service industry, as they can form part of your company’s hygiene plan.


7) Safety wear

All good construction and gardening company bosses understand the importance of ensuring employees are well-equipped for the tasks at hand. With our range of performance wear, you can ensure your team won’t just stay cool on the job – they’ll look cool as well. Tank tops and vests are great ways to get your company name out there – just imagine the scene. Your team turns up to perform some repairs on a home in San Francisco. The neighbors all admire the great work that’s been done, and want to consider using your services. How do they get in touch? By spotting your company information on the back of your employees’ performance wear – that’s how.


8. Promo Products

Every company can and should have plenty of branded promo products for welcoming new employees, prospective clients, and… anyone really. Things like cups, mugs, pens, notepads, and usb drives are all great items that will actually get used.

Why choose Build Your Own Garment?

Build Your Own Garment was established back in 1991 and has long been regarded throughout the San Francisco Bay area as one of the finest names in personalized embroidery, graphic design, corporate branding, screen printing and more. With nearly three decades of experience, it’s a name you can trust to fulfill your promotional material needs.

With a reputation for being reliable, caring, and trustworthy, and with a work ethic that ensures a rapid turnaround on all products via our state of the art, in-house production facilities, you can rely on us to deliver every time. Unlike other personalized garment companies, we don’t outsource our work. Everything, from conception to completion, is performed by our talented team in order to take your business to the next level.

If you would like to request a quote on products for welcoming new employees, simply head on over to our online quote form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can call us, contact us via our online chat feature on our website, or pop in to see us in person at our Dublin, CA store and we’ll do our utmost to provide you with a first-class service every time.

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