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Promo Products People Will Actually Use

We\’ve all been there. You\’re at an event or trade show and someone hands you a bit of promotional swag you know you\’re probably going to throw away at the first sight of a trash can. So how do you ensure that part of your marketing budget doesn\’t end up in a landfill? Offer useful promo products that people will actually use.

We\’ve put together a list of 6 different product categories we think you should consider for your next event. Pair them with your custom event apparel made with our online t-shirt designer


1) Food

Whether it\’s a long day at a conference or a retreat with members of your organization, food is always a thoughtful gift. Offer your guests the delicious flavors of the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian coffee and chocolate will leave a sweet taste in their mouths and your praises on their lips.

From our catalog: 

Hawaiian Snack Sampler Jute Bag


2) Pens!

Pens are one of the simplest but most useful promo products out there. You can never have enough of them, especially since they always seem to go missing. Whether you\’re wanting to keep around a bulk supply to hand out, or you want to present your clients with something a bit more personalized, custom pens should be at the top of your list of promo items.

From our catalog: 

IWriter Twist Stylus & Ballpoint Pen Combo – Blue Ink
Signature Collection Polished Golden Slim Twist-action Pen


3) Lip balm

Dry lips are never fun and can sneak up on you at a moment\’s notice, especially if your event is held outdoors. Summer concert and festival goers or charity marathon runners all benefit from a soothing salve. But whatever time of year it is, putting your organization\’s name on a stick of lip balm is a quick way to engender goodwill and ensure the comfort of your guests. This is the kind of promo item where a person might want to take a couple for themselves and their friends.

From our catalog: 

Regular Lip Balm – All Natural, USA Made


4) Phone accessories: portable chargers, phone charging cables, phone sockets & stands, earbuds & accessories

The cost of electronics being driven down makes them incredibly valuable and useful promo products to give away. There are few worse things than your phone running out of juice at a critical time with no power outlet in sight. Portable chargers, cables, sockets, and stands help keep your phone fully charged and intact. And carrying cases for the earbuds you\’ve provided your guests will help to keep everything in one place. 

From our catalog: 

Smooth Aluminum Surface Power Bank
5 in 1 Charging Cable  
Pop Expanding Phone Sockets  
Cell Phone Silicone Stand/ Silicone Phone Holder  
Anti-Noise Corded Triple Flanged Earplugs in Box
Round EVA Ear Bud Pouch
Earbuds Headphone Carrying Case


5) Totes & bags

Customized totes and bags are an easy win when it comes to marketing material. People are always in need of a place to carry their belongings. Be the organization that offers a bag at a conference, for example, and you\’ll be a lifesaver. And when your event is over, the bag will serve well as a new and reusable tote for groceries and wine. 

In fact, an added benefit of offering customized totes and bags to your guests is their reuse helps the environment. These eco-friendly options empower your guests to cut down on the waste that comes from the paper and plastic bags acquired from shopping, all while repping your brand. Your guests become a traveling advertisement for your organization. 

The non-woven totes, for example, are made from Non-Woven Polypropylene, i.e., recycled plastic. Non-Woven Polypropylene is also recyclable, which helps to reduce waste, making the totes eco-friendly throughout their lifecycle. Not only will your organization be offering your guests something useful when you provide them with customized totes, but you can also rest easy knowing that you\’ve helped save the environment in a variety of ways.

From our catalog: 

16oz. Portsmouth Cotton Canvas Boat Tote
2 Bottle Wine Totes
Large Non-Woven Grocery Tote  
Non-Woven Insulated Shopper Tote Bag
Canvas Bag
Clear Tote Bag
Sport gift travel bag


6) Mugs & water bottles

Whether you need to get your daily caffeine fix or rehydrate from a hot day, mugs and water bottles are a classic collector\’s item telling a story of where you\’ve been. Get your organization\’s name printed on one to hand out at your next event and become part of someone else\’s story.

Water bottles are another great eco-friendly way to help the environment. While purchasing packs of bottled water might be all the rage, they certainly add to the waste problem. Customized water bottles are a proactive and stylish alternative that will have your organization and your guests feeling good about caring for the planet. 

The Simplicity 24 oz. water bottle, for example, is made from BPA-free [Tritan™] plastic. Eastman, our partner who makes Tritan™, is certified by the American Chemistry Council as a RESPONSIBLE CARE® company, which means that it is a company committed to environmental protection. Tritan™ is also \”[GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®],\” meaning that its low chemical emissions improve the indoor air quality in which the water bottle is used.

From our catalog: 

15 oz. Two Tone Matted Bistro Mug  
Stainless Steel sports water bottle
24 oz plastic Simplicity Water bottle w/rubber spout

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