school fundraiser ideas and tips

School Fundraiser Ideas and Tips

In recent years, schools across the United States have faced significant budget cuts, which has resulted in reduced per-pupil funding for learners. The result, more and more schools have opted for their own school fundraiser events and activities to help ensure that learners get what they need in order to succeed both in learning and extra-curricular activities. Fundraisers help learning institutions meet classroom budgets and pay for extracurricular activities, as well as buy important equipment like computers and other learning materials and resources.

So how important is a school fundraiser to students?

In the home environment, parents teach their children how to share and be kind to their friends and siblings. As they grow up, teachers take over in instilling good values in their learners. Schools come up with reward systems that recognize and appreciate good deeds in children. These rewards motivate learners to display exemplary behavior. However, it is not every day that learners are taught the importance of offering a helping hand to others. After all, good values take time to instill. Here is how students benefit from school fundraising activities:

1. Exploring the learner’s creative side

A fundraiser cannot be successful without the students’ creativity. Besides ensuring the success of fundraising, being creative also improves the students’ imagination; and this goes a long way in building their skills and competence.

2. Reiterating the importance of sharing

Nothing is as rewarding as giving children an opportunity to share with others. Children learn the importance of sharing when they notice that people are happy to receive donations and gifts from them.

3. Appreciating the essence of teamwork

A successful fundraiser requires a team effort. Students learn to appreciate each other when they work as a team towards a successful fundraiser activity.

Creative fundraising ideas your school can adopt

Raising funds for your school does not have to be like pulling teeth. The idea is identifying money-making ideas that best suit your school\’s fundraiser goals. Here are three creating fundraising ideas that your school can try!

1. Fundraising on-site at school events


One of the most ideal school fundraising ideas is collecting donations during extracurricular events like field days, sports days, and dances. Your school can boost fundraising at these events with an on-site giving kiosk. This is just like an online donation form, except that it allows donors to give their donations in person rather than donating online.

Promoting on-site fundraiser events

Marketing an on-site school fundraiser event is pretty easy. Here are a few helpful tips:

• Design and print custom t-shirts for sale at your event
• Print out posters and request local businesses to display them on their windows
• Build a mailing list and mail flyers to potential donors through post and email
• Buy ad space in local newspapers
• Insert your flyers into the bulletins of local churches, temples, and mosques
• Submit press releases to local TV, radio, newspaper, and community bloggers
• Ask volunteers to post about your event to their social media followers
• Create a social networking profile (like a Facebook Group) and ask your network to join.

It is important that you start promoting your fundraiser as soon as possible. Remember, people need to know about your event well in advance.

While not everyone may want to donate through your kiosk, having one on hand makes it possible for the school to collect donations from those who find convenience in this option. Paired with the traditional cash and checks as well as online donation forums, this is an excellent way of rounding out your school’s fundraising campaign.

2. Organize a scratch card school fundraiser


Scratch card fundraising is a new fundraiser trend that is becoming increasingly popular. The principle of scratch card fundraising is pretty simple: rather than selling a product, the organizers ask participants to scratch off a card and then donate the revealed amount. In return, they receive valuable coupons in appreciation for supporting your fundraiser campaign.

Maximizing scratch card fundraising revenue

A scratch card fundraiser campaign can be very interesting. Here are four tips that can help you raise funds using scratch cards:

  • Start with friends and family

Tell the students and volunteers that the best starting place when raising funds with scratch cards is their family and friends, who are more likely to participate than random people in the street.

  • Give away custom t-shirts as raffle prizes

Raffles are a wonderful form of fundraising because everyone gets to buy a ticket. One of the advantages of this approach is that you only get to print a specific number of t-shirts for the event, thus eliminating room for wastage. Also, you get to set the pricing for the raffle tickets, thus you are able to project how much you will raise with this method.

  • Set up a committee

It is important that you have a committee in place to oversee the entire fundraising campaign. Besides tracking the work of volunteers, this committee will also ensure that they (volunteers) have everything they need to run a successful campaign.

  • Motivate, support, and thank people

As with any volunteer-driven activity, it is important that you constantly support, motivate, and appreciate your team.

3. Sell custom t-shirts online to raise funds

Custom t-shirts, as already indicated, are a very popular way to raise funds for a cause. T-shirt fundraising is specifically effective because:

• Participants are rewarded with something they will actually use for a long time
• Printed t-shirts or custom college clothing can be used to spread your message long after the fundraiser has ended.

Thanks to these two unique benefits, more and more schools and colleges across the US are adopting t-shirt printing for their fundraiser campaigns.

Helpful custom t-shirt fundraiser tips

  • Design your own t-shirts for sporting events

You can set up a table outside the stadium in order to sell your promotional custom t-shirts to fans who are coming over to watch the games. One major benefit of this approach is that you are directly in contact with your target funders. Most sports lovers would be very willing to buy t-shirts in support of a local school.

  • Take advantage of online t-shirt fundraising websites

Online t-shirt fundraising platforms have grown in popularity in recent years. These websites operate on a simple concept: you set the minimum number of t-shirts you want to sell, the platform manufactures those t-shirts, gives the proceeds to you, and then mails those t-shirts to your group. Some of these online t-shirt fundraising platforms can also design the t-shirts online for your cause. All you need to do is describe your fundraiser and the cause you are raising funds for. Find out more at

Fundraising for a cause can be a daunting task in these tough financial times. Fortunately, BYOG provides an amazingly cost-effective way to raise funds for your school through custom t-shirts. Custom fundraiser t-shirts are an excellent way to ensure that your fundraising is a success. Call BYOG today to find out how you can make your own shirts for your next school fundraiser project.

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