custom breast cancer awareness products and accessories

Custom Breast Cancer Awareness Products and Accessories

Breast cancer awareness is extremely important

Breast cancer is an extremely common disease that affects one in eight women who live to the age of 80, which means that public awareness of the condition is essential. Increased awareness helps to make early detection and treatment of the condition more common, which can save lives. Also, increased public awareness helps to improve funding for more research on the disease, and this can lead to an improved quality of treatment and bring us closer to finding a cure.

Get your custom breast cancer awareness products from BYOG Build Your Own Garment today!

We make a range of breast cancer accessories and products, including t-shirts, bags, teddy bears and any other garment you can think of! We can also print pink license plate holders to promote awareness of the condition and offer customizable products for both men and women along with unisex items.

Here are a few examples of customizable products that are great if you\’re creating pink ribbon apparel:


The Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Grocery Bag: These serve as an excellent reminder to stay strong and keep fighting. A heavy-duty bag, it\’s made from durable, 100 GSM non-woven polypropylene.


Breast Cancer Ribbon Gift Mug with Cocoa: Each mug is wrapped in clear cello and tied with a beautiful satin bow. We can customize a promo mug for your breast cancer event no matter your budget and requirements.


Breast Cancer Awareness Quad-Dots®: The reflective stickers attach easily to caps, bikes, clothing, books and shoes to provide visibility in the dark. Thanks to the special pink ribbon design, they\’re ideal for handing out at fundraising events.


Port and Company Essential Tee: If you want to make your own shirt to promote breast cancer awareness, this may be one of the best ones you can pick. The best background color to choose if you\’re looking to add the pink ribbon on it is white, but pink is available as well.


Women\’s Breast Cancer Awareness Socks: Made from Spandex and polyester, these vibrant socks are perfect for raising awareness at your next event.


8\” Breast Cancer Bear: Decorated with an imprinted ribbon, this soft teddy bear is perfect for any fundraising event as well as doctors\’ offices or hospitals.


Breast Cancer Awareness Water Bottle: Great for handing out at fundraisers with a sports theme, these water bottles are foldable and can hold up to 16 oz. of water.


Breast Cancer Awareness Safety-Laces™: Stay safe and visible at night, while raising awareness of breast cancer, with these pink safety laces. They measure 45\” and come in pairs wrapped by a 2\” paper band.

There is so much more to choose from, including bracelets, phone holders, and pens. View our full range of custom Breast Cancer Awareness products here.

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Breast cancer awareness products are great for stores, schools, and charities

They\’re extremely popular among the general public, which means that pink ribbon products will likely sell exceptionally well at many businesses. They\’re also great for fundraisers and other charity events since they offer donors a product that increases awareness of the condition. In addition, custom breast cancer awareness apparel can be great for schools. Schools can use them for fundraising sales or raffle prizes to promote awareness of the condition. Find out more about our online fundraiser stores here.

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Every October is breast cancer awareness month, which means that there\’s always plenty of events to promote awareness of the condition around this time of the year. This means that breast cancer awareness products tend to surge in popularity, which is especially true around the time of major events to increase public awareness. BYOG makes it possible to design a wide range of custom made pink ribbon products for October (or at any other time of the year).

How do you design your own custom breast cancer awareness products from BYOG?

Designing your breast cancer awareness apparel can be done right on your computer with our online design studio. Our online studio makes it possible to customize any of the items that we offer. The studio allows you to customize the background color as well as adding any image, which means that you\’ll be able to screen print or embroider any message that you want along with the pink ribbon. In addition, we are available if you\’d like to speak with a representative over the phone or to stop in at the store to explain what you want on custom breast cancer awareness products.

If you want to make your own shirt or order any other accessory to promote breast cancer awareness with this symbol, it\’s important to get them made by skilled and experienced embroidery shops or professional screen printers. This will ensure that your custom made items come out looking exactly the way that you want them to!

BYOG caters to bulk orders

Please note, our printing services are set up with bulk orders in mind, and we have a minimum order limit of 12 to 24 for most of our custom garments. Therefore, it\’s generally not possible to get a single breast cancer awareness garment from us.

Why choose BYOG?

We\’re exceptionally reliable and always ensure that your custom made products arrive as quickly as possible. If you want to order custom made breast cancer awareness garments, one great option is to use our convenient Go Store to create and purchase them by using a simple online form! If you\’re wondering how much a specific job will cost if you choose us, it’s easy to get a quote on our website by filling out our online contact form for free.

Getting in touch with us for affordable embroidery and printing services is easy. Just give us a call at 855-776-8465, contact us by live chat or email, stop in at our shop in Dublin, California to order, or use the design studio to create and purchase your custom breast cancer awareness products today!

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