custom halloween products and accessories

Custom Halloween Products and Accessories

When you think of Halloween, what might come to your mind are costumes and decorations (or maybe candy and scary movies). Halloween is a holiday loved by both adults and children, who often spend the weeks leading up to October 31st making their own costumes, creating spooky treats and decorating pumpkins. To ensure you don\’t miss out on the business benefits this popular holiday brings, make sure you stock up on customized Halloween accessories today. You could ask staff to dress up with witch hats and orange shirts or hand out candy baskets and tote bags to your customers. Whatever you decide, Halloween offers you a great opportunity to launch some unique marketing campaigns.

To give you some inspiration, we\’ve curated a list of our favorite Halloween accessories and apparel from our online store.

Custom Halloween Bags


Canvas bags are simple and look great. You can use one of our orange canvas bags to help you carry your candy or costume accessories for Halloween for years and years. Create your own bag online using our design studio!

\"custom Aside from canvas bags, you can customize more traditional trick or treat bags for your children to collect candy with or to use for party favor gift bags. These handbags are simple and bear the shape and face of a Halloween pumpkin. Take a look at custom trick or treat bags here.

Hats and Masks


Nothing says Halloween quite like Halloween masks. Get in the spooky Halloween spirit by just covering your eyes or face!

Halloween hats are great for children as well as adults. If you prefer to keep it simple during Halloween, a hat is one easy way to get into the spirit.

LED Light-up Halloween Pumpkin & Skull Wrist Bracelet

\"customThese light-up bracelets are one of our favorite custom Halloween products.  Fight the dark while looking spooky and cool! Parents can use these to help keep track of wandering children. The LED light has on/off switch and 3 light modes, constant light, flashing, and slow flashing. An adjustable Bright colored band with two snap buttons to adjust to the length of your wrist making them comfortable to wear.

Create Your Own Halloween Shirt

\"custom If you want something truly special and unique this Halloween, DIY! Black shirts with orange writing or designs, or decorate an orange shirt with black to match the Halloween colors.

T-shirts  and hoodies are easy to design, and they can be worn anywhere. Don\’t want to go through the hassle of a full costume? Keep it simple with a custom Halloween shirt.. For the night, you can design an orange hoodie to keep you warm and in the mood for Halloween.

Halloween Dolls and Stuffed Animals

\"frankensteinThese are some of the less common custom Halloween products. Halloween dolls are used for decorations, most of them are intended to be scary. These dolls represent different animals; real and mythical. You can choose between a black cat, vampire, Frankenstein, monster, witch, mummy, ghost, spiders, and bat dolls. Most of these dolls are available in orange to match your Halloween decorations.

Other Halloween Decorations 

\"custom If you\’re looking for custom Halloween products to decorate your home, look no further. Check out our selection of pumpkins, candy baskets, Halloween mugs,  chocolate baskets, and many more.

Designing Your Own Custom Halloween Products and Accessories

Would you like to have custom Halloween products and accessories that are unique? The best way to ensure you get exactly what you need for Halloween is to design your own.

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Get Help Designing

While the process is simple, you can still get help during all the steps of the way. If you are in the design studio and you do not know what to do, call for assistance or use the live chat feature on the website and get instant help. Or come and visit us in Dublin, CA, we\’re happy to help!

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