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Looking For Custom Cheer Apparel? Look No Further!

If you\’re a coach for a local sports team, are a cheerleading manager, or someone in your family plays for the team, you may be looking for stylish custom cheer apparel, and BYOG Build Your Own Garment is the place to get it! We make it possible to get just about any design on any article of clothing!

Why should you get custom cheer apparel made?

Custom cheer apparel can be a great way for sports teams to raise money, and the products can also be given away at raffles and sports events to promote team spirit! Not only that, but custom apparel is a great way to promote camaraderie in the community for your favorite team. AND we provide you the option of creating a fundraiser store to sell custom apparel and raise money! Check out GO-Stores for more information.

What kinds of custom cheer apparel can we make?

We make everything from custom cheer t-shirts to custom cheer sweatshirts, long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirts, and sweatpants. We also offer an exceptionally wide range of custom cheer accessories. Unlike many other embroidery stores that charge exorbitant prices, we always offer our customized products at an affordable price.

We can turn just about anything into a custom cheer product!

While one option is to design your own shirt that shows support for a team or get other clothing items embroidered with team logos and colors, you can also get custom cheer accessories! There are non-fabric items that you can get printed as a custom cheer product. Products that can be customized to root for your favorite team are available here. Here are a few great examples of excellent non-clothing custom cheer products that we can make:


Cheer Phones: This product offers a great way to yell cheers for your favorite team. It\’s bright and available in 15 fantastic sports colors. Each megaphone comes with its own aluminum mouthpiece and steel handle too.
Cheer Horns: Get your team\’s logo added to these horns and cheer on your team loud enough for everyone in the stadium to hear! They are also perfect for giving away at any basketball, football, or soccer game.


Light-Up Foam Cheer Sticks: If your team plays night games, these cheer sticks could be perfect for you. Each cheer stick is made from white foam with colored LEDs that shine through the foam.

What are some of the best products that we offer for you to start creating cheer garments?

If you\’re looking for a durable, stylish clothing item to put your team\’s logo on, these are a few excellent garments that we offer:


The Port and Company Essential T-Shirt: This is an exceptionally affordable t-shirt that we can embroider to help you root for your favorite team. There are 58 color options that you can choose from to create the best custom cheer apparel possible.


The Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt: The Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt is available from $3.58 per shirt, and it\’s made out of 100% cotton. Pure cotton helps to wick moisture away from the body, making it very comfortable to wear.


The Sport-Tek Mineral Freeze T-Shirt: This shirt offers a unique color pattern with a mixture of white along with a variety of colors that you can choose from, which include black, blue, and gray.


The Era Ladies Tri-Blend Fleece Pullover Hoodie: This stylish hoodie can be customized to cheer on your team, and it\’s available in pink, black, blue, gray, and dark blue. The tri-blend of this product makes it durable and extremely comfortable to wear.


District Made Men\’s Lightweight Fleece Hoodie: The lightweight nature of this hoodie makes it quite comfortable to wear, which makes it a great choice.


Sport-Tek Ladies Sport-Wick Fleece Pants: Sport-Tek apparel wicks moisture away from the body, which makes it comfortable during workouts and sporting events.


NuBlend Youth Sweatpants- 973BR: These sweatpants offer an exceptionally smooth surface for us to embroider on, which makes it an excellent product for custom cheer apparel.


We Offer Cheer Design Templates

Just because you\’re not a graphic designer, doesn\’t mean you can\’t make something used to cheer on your team.  Browse our customizable cheer templates in our online design studio and make sure your custom cheer apparel looks just the way you want it to!

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Why you should choose us:

We\’re considered to be one of the most reliable and high-quality embroidery and printing stores in the country that specializes in creating custom clothes to root for sports teams! We also offer an online design studio that allows you to design and purchase your custom cheer merchandise without even leaving your home.

Our staff are exceptionally skilled in graphic design, which means that you can be sure that your custom made cheer apparel comes out just as good as you expect it to. Furthermore, we\’ve created cheer apparel for all levels; elementary, high school and college-level teams.

Feel free to stop in to our store in Dublin, California to ask questions, get a quote, or buy our custom products. Our company was founded in 1991, which gives us an exceptional amount of experience in the industry. In addition, you\’ll get our products quickly since we offer exceptionally fast turnaround times!

Our embroidery and printing are done exclusively in-house, and we cater towards people who are placing orders of 24 or more products. Group Orders (GO) are made easy with a custom online GO Store. So give us a call today at (925) 829-3950 or send an email to to order custom cheer apparel or accessories.

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