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Custom Basketball Apparel and Accessories

Playing basketball with your friends or teammates is one of the best highlights of any sports-loving person. The fun that you have when busting new moves and supporting your friends is unparalleled. Therefore, for such a highlight of a person’s life, it is only logical to ensure that you have the best in terms of gear. From t-shirts to shorts and shoes, having the best is imperative for a worthwhile experience. Not only does it ensure that you look good on the court, but it also ensures that you are as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, having the right custom basketball apparel and gear can play a huge role in preventing injury. Moreover, by ensuring that you are as comfortable as possible, you can move freely and without unnecessary constraints from your clothing and accessories. Purchasing the right apparel is irrespective of whether you are playing professionally, coaching, or playing for fun. Below are several recommendations for custom basketball apparel that can significantly enhance your gaming experience:

1. Jerseys


Necessary for any competitive team, custom basketball jerseys are the most important piece of apparel. Unisex and incredibly versatile in their design and choice of material, basketball jerseys are great for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are often lightweight and thin, meaning that players can train and compete without feeling weighed down. Secondly, because they\’re so easily customizable, jerseys are a great way to improve group mentality and create an atmosphere of teamwork and solidarity. And this, in turn, will lead to improved performances all-round! Customize your jerseys with embroidered logos, screen printed or heat pressed names and numbers.

Our picks: the Basketball Men\’s Sleeveless Uniform (top) and the Alleson Athletic Women\’s Single Ply Basketball Jersey.

2. Undershirts


Undershirts are another functional part of basketball apparel. For those that play professionally, there are again a lot of restrictions on the type of undershirt that players can wear which they must adhere to. Such restrictions come in the form of the color and length of sleeves. However, despite some drawbacks, an undershirt\’s importance for the average and professional basketball player is undeniable. Undershirts ensure that the player operates unhindered, without the irritation of uniform sticking to the skin. Such stickiness is often bothersome to some players and may slow them down.

Furthermore, some undershirts are specially formulated to provide shoulder support for players that may have shoulder injuries, which is a common issue for basketball players. This improves their performance and reduces any chances of additional damage to the shoulder. With a lightweight undershirt that efficiently absorbs sweat, players will be unstoppable on the court. BYOG has several undershirts that enhance your look and performance. Furthermore, they are also fully customizable to fit your personalized taste or team style.

Our pick: the Cool Dri® Short Sleeve Performance T-Shirt – 4820

3. Undershorts / Compression Shorts


Undershorts and tights are another integral part of the full basketball experience. Moreover, their role cannot be understated. When playing, your muscles require a large amount of oxygen to maintain peak performance. This is where compression-wear, such as undershorts and tights, come in. By providing some compression, undershorts ensure that the leg muscles get the oxygen that they need. Furthermore, since they ensure that the muscles remain in their correct position, they reduce the likelihood of tear and unnecessary strain on the muscles. Just like other BYOG products, they are fully customizable, depending on your taste. For those that are designing custom basketball apparel for professional players, there are again several restrictions put in place. Therefore, you have to ensure that you keep these in mind during your design process.

Our pick: the Alleson Athletic Basketball Shorts.

4. Basketball t-shirt and shorts


Basketball shirts and shorts are the basic outfits that most people wear when they practice or play non-competitively. It is of great importance that they\’re functional and light, as this ensures that they do not hinder your movement. For those that want to use them only for leisure, there are no such rules and wearers have much more freedom. Furthermore, BYOG has a design studio that allows customers to design t-shirts and shorts to their liking. So no matter what level of professionalism your basketball team is at, kit them out with the attire they deserve!

Our pick: the Custom Basketball Jersey Training Suit Team Uniforms.

5. Promotional products


There are so many items that can be customized for a basketball game, team, or basketball fans. Regarding the game itself, customizing the team\’s water bottles or sweat towels can be a great way to create a subtle feeling of togetherness before, during and after the game. The great thing about promotional products like this is that they\’re a cheap and accessible way for those fans that possibly can\’t afford an officially licensed jersey or shirt. Other promotional products that you might want to consider for your basketball team\’s fans include glassware, glowing and light-up novelties, bags, and coasters. Not only does this allow your fans to show off their pride, but it\’s an excellent way to let the team know that they have a following; a third perk of investing in promotional items is that it\’s also knock-on advertisement for your team as the fans walk around and wear such products!

For this and many more types of apparel and attire, visit our website. Alternatively, you can also visit the showroom in our HQ in Dublin, CA, and see some of our designs and make any inquiries. We also have a variety of other merchandise such as sweatshirts, cheer clothing, custom apparel, sports clothing, and many others. They are all fully customizable through a design studio on our website. We deal with bulk orders, making us the ideal company to kit out your basketball team with whatever custom basketball apparel you desire!

Have a large group or team to order for? Use our Group Order or GO Store option and let us handle it! We\’ll create an online store with your items and all you need to do is share the URL. You can even use the store as a fundraiser. For more information, visit

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