custom winter clothing & accessories

Custom Winter Clothing and Accessories

Winter is almost here; you can feel the nip in the air, the chill descending everywhere. Before the snows come falling, it\’s important to suit-up in custom winter clothing and accessories that will keep you warm and snug while looking sleek and snazzy at the same time.

Just because there\’s a blizzard outside doesn\’t mean you should neglect your team\’s style sensibilities. Whether you\’re looking to protect your office\’s hockey players from the wrath of Old Man Winter or trying to keep your staff warm during a snowy ski retreat, these essential winter apparel and accessories bring a degree of comfort and versatility to any organization.

Custom Thermoball Winter Trekker Jackets


For those rugged professionals who keep active even during the cold winter months, the Thermoball Trekker Jacket provides both protection from the elements and a nifty, minimalist design. If you\’re tired of wearing bulky, heavy winter coats that feel like medieval armor, you\’ll be pleasantly surprised by North Face\’s synthetic alternative to goose down material.

Lighter than a 350-gram can of Campbell\’s tomato soup, the Thermoball\’s patented Primaloft fibers will stay waterproof and warm no matter the weather conditions; unlike goose down, the synthetic material retains its heat even if precipitation or sweat forms along the interior.

Also, because of the jacket\’s lightweight composition, it can be easily stowed in a backpack without taking up too much space. This makes it perfect to bring along during snowboarding escapades, snowball fights, or even tobogganing relays.

Better yet, no geese were harmed in the creation of the Thermoball. In fact, North Face recently received the inaugural Innovator for Animals Award Award from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organization because of their unique synthetic patents.

So, if you want to keep your team members warm, safe, and animal-friendly, why not take a look at our catalog of North Face Thermoball jackets? Put yourself on Santa\’s \”nice\” list and browse our inventory today.

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Custom Sweatshirts and Fleece Jackets


We get it. The cold sucks.

If you\’d rather spend time with your group in a rented log cabin, or just play a chilled-out round of curling in a local rink, then you\’ll need these comfy sweatshirts and jackets that\’ll keep you warm enough to enjoy the refreshing winter atmosphere without turning you into a cooked and basted turkey.

Best of all, you can inspire a bit of team spirit and camaraderie by customizing these sweatshirts and marking them with your team or company\’s logo. Who says you need to be outdoors to have fun? Holding an indoor miniature golf tournament for staff members and their families can be a fun and exciting way to stay active and boost the holiday season\’s cheer.

Other than that, perhaps a round of broom hockey will keep everyone occupied and on their toes. All you\’ll need are twelve players, twelve brooms, a friendly spirit of competition, and, of course, our bespoke sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets.

Share the warmth and take a glance at our selection of custom winter clothing and jackets.

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Custom Winter Beanies and Neck Warmers

If you\’re going out skiing in the holiday season, it\’s doubly important to protect yourself from frostbite while blitzing down the slopes with your crew. Having fun on the trail can make anyone easily lose track of time and overlook the unforeseen effects of winter weather.

Of course, the colder the climate, the higher the risk of frostbite. But you shouldn\’t only rely on the temperature reading of your thermostat to gauge the outside cold – meteorological phenomena such as windchill can easily make -9 F feel like -18 F, a level of biting frost that can damage exposed skin within mere seconds. Going downhill while skiing exacerbates this effect because of the body\’s accelerating speed and velocity.

Protect yourself while showing everyone who\’s the fastest skier by wearing a combination of acrylic winter beanies and neck warmers along with sunglasses or goggles. Not only will these keep the heat from escaping your body, but they\’ll also prevent nasty winter sunburns.

Be a captain. Take a look at our selection of custom winter clothing neck warmers and beanies. Your team will thank you for it.

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Custom Tumblers and Canteens


Just because it\’s cold outside doesn\’t mean you won\’t get dehydrated. During the winter season, it\’s important to stay hydrated especially if you\’re hiking, snowboarding, or just sightseeing in locations with higher altitudes.

Bring a tumbler or a canteen along to hold either hot chocolate or decaffeinated tea. Warm drinks are better at keeping your temperature at a favorable rate since the body absorbs cold or icy beverages much faster.

Fortunately, a steaming cup of cocoa with marshmallows can provide you with the necessary carbohydrates and electrolytes to keep going. It\’s delicious, too. Our Pinnacle Mountain Vacuum Insulated Canteen will keep your beverages at just the right temperature to make those long outdoor sessions feel like a breeze. Rugged and sporty, designed with modern vacuum insulating technology, these canteens can keep soup, coffee, or any kind of hot beverage at an optimum temperature for 5 plus hours. And with its sleek matte finish, it\’ll look good on any desk as well as outdoors.

They\’re great giveaways, too. Why not surprise your team by giving them special canteens with their own names marked on the side?

Get Yourself Ready For Winter With Build Your Own Garment

Whether you\’re staying inside or outside, you shouldn\’t let frigid conditions keep you and your crew from enjoying each other\’s company. So get your custom winter clothing now!

Here at BYOG, we provide screen printing, embroidery, and graphic design & branding services at amazing prices. With our quick turnaround time and attention to detail, you can have confidence that your designs will be executed according to your exact specifications. The live chat option on our website will ensure that you\’ll get the best quotes from trusted clothing and design specialists.

See our full range of products [] or browse our informative blog [] for other tips and tricks to make the most out of the snowy season.

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