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Custom Christmas Sweaters and Christmas Shirts Designs

The season for festive clothing is fast approaching – and with the majority of us having packed up our Halloween gear and prepared ourselves for Thanksgiving, the next obvious step is getting those trees up and those seasonal garments on in plenty of time for a little festive cheer. After all, what is Christmas without a little bit of fun thrown in? If you’re planning office festivities, group-based Christmas activities, or any other Holiday-related fun in a group of 12 or more, then our festive custom apparel and Christmas shirts might be just what you’re looking for.

Here are a few of our top picks to give you some holiday inspiration with plenty of time to go before that party, event or Christmas Eve drinks rolls around:

Go simple with a stylish slogan

Whether you prefer something on the more humorous side, or your style is a little more understated than on-the-nose, a simple slogan t-shirt or sweater can be the perfect way to spread a little holiday cheer. This is especially appropriate for those who don’t like to go out with holiday graphics or snowman-themed designs, instead opting for something that still gets the point across without being quite so in-your-face. For extended families or even that corporate Christmas card, something that’s comfortable to wear and generally one-size-fits-all is the perfect place to start.

If simplicity is your style, then our prebuilt logo designs for family Christmas gatherings, festive office parties or even group events are the ideal option. As for what clothing item to choose, these garments might make the cut when it comes to ordering for a slight bit more than your average small family gathering:

Era Series Performance Crew Tee


For ultimate unisex Christmas shirts, this Era Series Performance Crew Tee is the ideal option. Available in an array of comfortable sizes, and with some beautiful red, yellow, and gold festive options, there’s nothing your next festive gathering won’t love about this simple yet stylish choice of apparel. Its pull-over, basic design means it’s both low-cost and high impact, and any design will be easily visible whether you opt for a bright color or a plain black, white or grey. Tee shirts go great in just about any situation, from in-office festive photos to creating that all-together feel for a big charity gathering. Whatever the purpose, everything about this garment says ‘Christmas approved,’ especially when combined with a high-quality t-shirt design.

Gildan Heavy Blend Crewneck


Are you feeling the chill? For events that are more likely to take you outside than keep you in by that roaring fire, a sweatshirt is an ideal option. Still informal enough to be comfortable – and allow you to move – the Gildan Heavy Blend Crewneck is plenty thick enough to weather even the snowiest season, and provide cheer with a bright and bold design either on the front or back, depending on your personal preference. Also available in an array of sizes, there’s a sweatshirt to fit everyone, and this style is also available in a fetching sport grey or ash, to ensure those colorful designs pop. Should you decide to design your own shirt for Christmas that’s comfortable and casual, there’s no better fit.

Port Authority Flexfit Mesh


What’s the best way to ensure your festive wear fits every member of your team? By choosing a hat, of course. The stylish and straightforward Port Authority Flexfit Mesh is ideal for more active festive gatherings, whether it’s a charity event, running club, or even more active holiday activity in the workplace. As you might expect, these simple caps are suited to fit anyone of just about any shape and size, and also come in a navy and forest green colorway for more upmarket and understated festive cheer. We do far more than brilliant and bright online t-shirt design. Not every event has to be OTT, after all.

Go all-out with festive patterns and ugly sweaters

If you’re not one for keeping things upmarket, and you prefer to go full-on with your festive celebrations, then why not switch out simple slogans and stylish designs for something that truly reflects your inner spirit? These garment options are excellent choices for office parties, family events, and festive getaways where the focus is on being as bright, beautiful – and a little flashy– as humanly possible. That’s the joy of the winter season.

BELLA+CANVAS Unisex Jersey Long Sleeve Tee

Office heater set a smidge too warm for proper sweaters? Maybe you live in a state where a white Christmas doesn’t happen, or you’d like something a bit more lightweight for that festive design. This BELLA+CANVAS Unisex Jersey Long Sleeve Tee is the perfect base for those fantastic ugly Christmas sweater designs, especially with the full range of different colors and sizes on offer as standard. For extra fun, why not start your own in-office ugly sweater competition and design your own office party Christmas shirts with the winner, for even more holiday hilarity?

Port & Company Ultimate Crewneck Sweatshirt


What better way to demonstrate your festive pride than with a sweatshirt printed to reflect the fun of the season? This comfortable Port & Company Ultimate Crewneck Sweatshirt comes in a host of different bright, fun colors suitable for anyone, from young to old. Thanks to this perfect pop of color, countless bright and fun designs look just the part on this design – whether it’s a funny cartoon or classic Christmas design, or even a photographic image if you prefer. Whatever your Christmas wish, this warm and colorful sweater will see you through.

Think big by going small

If the goal for your festive season is to pick something that your employees, friends, family, or fellow group members will love and cherish for years to come, bigger isn’t always better. In addition to festive-themed custom apparel, we also stock a wide range of adorable yet stylish Christmas accessories and ornamental goodies guaranteed to bring forth that festive spirit. From laser etched ornaments to classic baubles, making a big impression doesn’t always have to mean choosing big items. The small stuff can be what means the most in the long term.

See our full range of festive gear and seasonal products online today. Going custom is the best way to create a sense of Christmas spirit, so why not start by designing your own Christmas shirts or creating your own sweatshirt? Try out our online design studio today to create your own.

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