Custom Apparel Trends of 2020

As the year comes to an end we reflect on the best, most creative and stylish custom apparel trends of 2019. From sportswear to custom caps, 2019 has undoubtedly been a great year for custom clothing and the BYOG team have brought their customers more customized options for their apparel than ever before. Below we also look ahead to 2020 and identify some emerging custom apparel trends, to help you stay ahead of the curve.

1. Bold logo t-shirt designs

T-shirts have been a wardrobe staple for a number of years, and in 2019 t-shirts were more popular than ever. This year, however, saw companies, schools, and charity projects go bigger and bolder with their logo designs. 2019 was truly the year we embraced color and a top trend saw bright and eye-catching logo designs placed on plain white t-shirts for maximum contrast and effect.

2. Smart/casual workwear

This year businesses truly embraced smart/casual workwear. Throughout the year, many businesses focused on employee morale and productivity and found custom polos were just as smart and practical as shirts and suits. This saw many companies introduce polos over shirts, with their logo or company name printed on the apparel to maintain a smart, uniformed look.

3. The rise of 1/4 zip hoodies

Athleisure wear has been on-trend even in corporate offices, and your small business can hop right on board in 2020. A quarter-zip fleece is stylish and comfortable and can keep your employees warm on chilly days while still representing your brand. Quarter zips have been so popular in 2019 because they also work as great merchandise or even a prize at an event, giving your customers a warm, comfortable way to show their loyalty.

4. Retro hoodies

This year nostalgic designs have been a huge custom trend, hoodies with 80s or 90s inspired designs have been hugely popular in particular. Just as the top-grossing films of this year contain many reboots of classic films, custom hoodies have been created with pastel colors, retro prints and bright neon designs, perfect for style-conscious businesses and schools looking to target both a young and older demographic.

5. Seasonal baseball caps

While originally designed to block the sun, custom baseball caps have proven to be a popular choice year-round. There is no specific color scheme that has emerged more popular than others this year as the caps are often designed in company, school or project colors, making them great additions to uniforms or to be given as prizes at corporate or school events. If you want a casual way to show pride in your business, a baseball cap is a great idea!

6. Fitness fashion

2019 was the year of keeping fit, and whilst the country ran marathons, completed fitness classes before work and started prioritizing their health and wellbeing, they did so in stylish custom tank tops. Custom tank tops are perhaps so popular because they can be printed with motivational quotes or charity logos, helping individuals stay focused on why they are working out and promote a team mentality when a group of individuals are working together, in the same apparel, towards the same goals.

Trends of 2020…

So, we\’ve taken a look at the custom apparel that was trending in 2019, but what is in store for 2020? Our experts have analyzed the market and predict the following trends are set to take off in the new year…

1. Throwback logos

As we enter a new decade, companies, schools, and establishments that have been operating since 2010 are expected to pay tribute to the past decade by releasing promotional apparel featuring their 2010 logo and branding. This will be a great way to not only show how far a business or organization has come in the last 10 years but also reward loyal students, customers, and workers who have been with the company or educational establishment for this length of time.

2. Complete uniforms

The 2020 consumer will expect an even better customer experience as individuals are increasingly becoming more conscious about how and where they spend their money. For this reason, businesses will create the trend of placing their logo on every item of apparel their workers wear and use, including their tool bag, hat and phone accessories.

3. Conscious living

The green initiative is set to continue well into 2020 and beyond, for this reason businesses will look at reusable products such as grocery totes and custom drinkware to gift their employees and clients. You can take this trend one step further and print custom t-shirts with inspirational eco messages to truly indicate your business takes environmental causes seriously.

No matter what your business plans for 2020 are, Build Your Own Garment has your needs covered. Head on over to our design studio to get started in making the right product for your 2020 goals. If you live in the area, you are always welcome to stop by our store in Dublin, CA. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call or chat with one of our support agents. If you\’d like to request a quote, you can fill out the quote form here.

If you\’re interested in letting your employees or customers purchase their own clothing with your design in the new year, be sure to check out our online GO store. The GO store makes it easy for your customers, clients, or employees to feel in charge by customizing their own clothing with your logo on it. Follow the link to learn more and watch a video on how our GO store works.

Interested in learning more about us or checking out other 2019 trends? Read our blog here or look at our recent promotional products here.

The BYGO team would like to wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to working together in 2020!

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