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Popular Custom Embroidery Tools of the Trade

The production of custom embroidery may be faster and more convenient than ever, but that doesn’t mean there’s any less going on behind the scenes. When it comes to establishing customer embroidery, from work shirts to custom t-shirts and more, there are a variety of different tools and machines used to get the job done. At BYOG, we use only the best custom embroidery tools when it comes to our embroidery work, alongside the t-shirt printing options we offer. For a professional, permanent, and high-quality finish, there’s nothing quite like embroidery to get the job done.

So, what goes on behind the scenes to make that perfect embroidery look so good? We utilize some of the best tools of the trade to ensure each embroidery piece is as good as the last, and to provide our customers with consistently high-quality results. Here are the custom embroidery tools of the trade, as well as some of the best products that can be produced completely custom through the use of embroidery:

Machine embroidery


For the vast majority of embroidery works, including modern embroidery carried out at BYOG, machinery is utilized to create long-lasting, effective, and highly uniform replicas of designs, logos, and more. Whereas traditional hand-stitched embroidery can be less consistent and requires a great deal more hours to complete, these machines can get the work done swiftly and effectively, with consistently excellent results. Machine embroidery can be done using a sewing machine, but far more often in modern businesses, it is completed with an embroidery machine that does the process digitally or automatically.

Embroidery machines that utilize computers are typically referred to as digital or computerized embroidery devices. In the majority of cases, a template or design is provided within the computer in a specific style, format, or set of colors, allowing the embroidery machine to then decipher what need embroidering where, with what colors, and even the order in which the embroidery should be carried out. Embroidery machines vary in what they can do, and industrial ones can do anything from dozens of colors to a single thread. The final output depends entirely on the product used.

One-head embroidery machines

One-headed embroidery machines are the basic standard for the custom embroidered apparel industry – so it’s no surprise that at BYOG, we have one in-house to complete simple one-color embroidery work swiftly and effectively. Embroidery machines with only one head are the closest to sewing machines in style. Instead of embroidering in multiple colors, these machines can only do one color at a time, and as such, are often used for monochrome designs.

Here are just a few examples where monochrome embroidery might be the ideal fit for your custom apparel:

Simple tee shirts

A plain and simple tee shirt, such as the Era Series Performance Crew Tee, can be the perfect candidate for monochrome embroidery. Provided the quality of the shirt is high enough, it’s possible to embroider small areas of a shirt – such as with a business name or even an individual’s name in the pocket area.

Basic caps


Caps are an excellent candidate for monochrome embroidery. As they are likely to be in the sun more than other apparel items, a white or black thread offers the best chance of a design lasting in the long-term. Caps by themselves may be low-value, but when embroidery is utilized, their value improves dramatically, making them more than worth the investment. The Era Snapback Trucker Cap is one of several ideal options.

A classic white shirt

Nothing says formal quite like a white shirt, but embroidery can further add professionalism to shirts designed for events or even for use in the office. Embroidering a formal shirt with a single color is a lower-cost alternative to full-color designs, and can still look stylish and on-point if done correctly. Especially for font-based embroidery, monochrome is the ideal choice.

Multi-head embroidery machines


Unlike embroidery machines with a single head, devices equipped with multiple heads can enable numerous colors to be embroidered at once, producing a full-color design that, in many cases, can even be matched to the shades of a particular logo or design perfectly. At BYOG, we have three six-head embroidery machines from popular brand Barudan, enabling us to produce highly accurate and colorful designs perfectly.

Here are just a few excellent options that are the perfect fit for full-color embroidery designs:

Stylish sweatshirts

Whether it’s for school pride or simply for use in a business, heavier sweatshirts and hoodies make an ideal option for full-color embroidery, especially in colors like grey or black, where vibrant shades can really stand out. Whether it’s small-scale embroidery or a large logo or design, the style of a hoodie like the Gildan DryBlend Pullover can make designs look fantastic.

On-theme bags

Totes and similar bags can quickly increase their value tenfold with the introduction of high-quality embroidery. Whether it’s cursive fonts, colorful yet straightforward logo design, or even small, stylish design elements on a printed tote, there are thousands of different options available. The Port & Company Improved Tote is the ideal choice for embroidery, especially for writing-based pieces.

Patterned or color rich shirts

While the plain white shirt may be best suited to monochrome embroidery, for louder or brighter designs, a multi-head embroidery machine might be the best fit. With multiple colors at your disposal, it’s possible to create a base shade to make your logo or design pop and firmly stand out, as well as adding detail and interest to your final embroidery overall.

If you’re interested in custom embroidery for an upcoming event or for business use, then customized apparel from BYOG might be your ideal choice. While our design tool doesn’t currently support embroidery, you can get in touch with us directly to discuss how our high-tech embroidery machines can help make your business stand out.

Contact us via our live chat in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you.


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