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What Are The Best Promotional Items To Send To Clients?

If you’re expanding your client base and building your brand, you know that promotional products are the golden ticket. Branded items with your logo or slogan on them can improve your brand reach. In addition, promotional items can turn prospective clients into repeat clients. So, is there a specific promotional product that’s especially effective in reaching clients and building brand recall? The answer is yes. Many veterans of the business world have discovered this already and now you can, too. The best promotional items are those that can be used over and over again. The more someone uses your item, the more familiar they become with your brand. Because of this, items that serve a purpose are generally the best option. Overall, business owners agree that promotional pens are among the most effective products to brand.

Universal Appeal 

The great thing about pens is that everyone uses them. No matter what industry they’re in, prospective clients are likely to use pens on a daily basis. People of all ages, demographics, and persuasions use pens. Whether or not a pen is branded, it will be used. Why not take advantage of this valuable bit of real estate space and put your brand on a pen?

Adding your brand transforms the humble pen into a promotional workhorse. A pen is visible, widely used, and useful. The wonderful thing about promotional pens is their universal appeal. And the more your product is used, the more your brand will be seen by a prospective client.

Brand exposure contributes to brand recall and familiarity. When a prospective client is familiar with your brand, they’re more likely to become a client or repeat client. This is the beauty of promotional pens – they can help your business grow.


Another good thing about promotional pens is their size. A pen is easy to carry and doesn’t take up space in a bag, briefcase, or even a pocket. Unlike some other items, promotional pens are small and lightweight enough to be sent easily to clients.

There are promotional items for every person and occasion. Blankets are good for winter, beach towels are good for summer. Apparel is universal, and totes are a fun, practical option. But some of these products require more financial investment than others, including shipping costs.

Promotional pens are affordable and can be purchased and ordered in bulk. Because of their budget-friendly price point, they can be easily given away. All in all, between their low cost and portability, branded pens are an effective way to grow your brand. Send them to all of your clients! It will ensure that they\’re reminded of your brand. And if you have a storefront, consider placing a cup of branded pens by the reception desk. This way, clients and visitors can take a complimentary pen with them when they leave. The more people who use one of your promotional pens, the better it is for you and your business. 


When it comes to creating promotional items, the last thing you want is for your item to be discarded. A low-quality item that is not useful can actually be negative for your brand. The key is to offer potential customers something that they’ll enjoy using. It may mean that an emotional connection will be fostered between a prospective client and the brand, itself. This could translate into repeat business.

You’ll get the biggest bang for your buck by ensuring that your product is well made and useful. For this reason, functional items are always a good choice. A functional promotional item will stay in view of your potential client. This means that your brand, as well as your promotional pen, will make an impact. With its universal appeal, a pen is a functional and economical choice. 

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Have you ever had a pen that you loved using? If you have, you’ll understand the appeal of a good pen. Your promotional pen may well be carried with a prospective client wherever they go. Conversely, a dysfunctional pen can be a source of annoyance that is quickly discarded. Obviously, this isn\’t a great use of your money or time.

Make sure to order your design from a reputable company because a first-rate product reflects well on your brand. When you design your promotional pen, choose a color and style that is pleasing to you because it will likely appeal to your customers too.

Ordering Promotional Pens

To ensure your promotional pens make the best impression, order from the best. Here at BYOG, we have over 25 years of experience in creating promotional products, and we\’re deeply invested in quality. Speak to one of our representatives today at (925) 829-3950, or visit our virtual storefront to start your own design. Building your brand and increasing your client reach starts here.    

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